Rick Jansen

“I've got a pretty big 'why' - I want to spend more time with my family while increasing production, and being a part of this real estate coaching group has definitely helped make that happen.”

Lee Jennings

“As a first year agent in 2020, I sold over $10 million worth of real estate, and in 2021, I'm expecting to sell over $25 million worth of real estate and icon producers has been instrumental.”

Sandra Miller

“What I've learned being in this community is to create systems and apply leverage to those systems, to help the home selling and buying process run much more smoothly for my clients.”

Zac Vines

“Being a member of ICON Producers has brought me so much value. It's helped me focus on the things that make money every day so I can do what I need to provide for my family.”

Maggie & Brad Parker

“We were introduced to ICON Producers in 2019, and with the techniques and everything that we've learned from all the coaching, we were able to triple our business and also expand our team.”

Kevin Yoder

“Thank you, ICON coaching for bringing these newer scripts to my awareness so that I can teach my team to execute those on a daily basis. That's what I'm most appreciative of, so thank you.”

Angelica Behm

“I have no words to tell you how good this has been, and I have been here in this community only few months. So imagine what we are going to build together in the upcoming future.”

David Torgerson

“I owe a lot to what I've learned at ICON coaching and the things that I've implemented in my business, and I would highly recommend to anybody to check it out. Their coaching works.”