August 19, 2021

Jason Oberg

“Once you have the fundamentals dialed in, he's going to be able to give you the tips, tricks, hacks, and secrets from top producers - some of the guys that work with Shon are doing thousands of transactions a year.”

“I met Shon back in 2015, the first time, and the fundamentals of his coaching program are timeless in the fact that no matter if you’re a brand new agent and you want to get started and you need presentations, or you need framework you can leverage that if you are in growth phase, you can jump into the team style, coaching and training. Now, more recently, if you’re looking to expand and grow nationally, there’s a lot of assets that he has that can help you grow across the nation. So overall, the coaching product is all encompassing. Anyone from any aspect of real estate can jump into it and find value.”

“I would have to say that Shon’s strategies are always evolving, yet once you have the fundamentals dialed in, he’s going to be able to give you the tips, tricks, hacks, and secrets from top producers – some of the guys that work with Shon one-to-one are doing thousands of transactions a year.”

“Shon is one of a very small percentage of coaches and consultants in the real estate game that have actually practiced what they preach. I’m a huge advocate of following the leadership of people who have done what you’re trying to do and done it at scale. So, because he’s done so much, it’s not like he’s speaking from concept – he’s speaking, coaching and developing programs from experience, which is extremely important for myself and all of my colleagues that lean into his training.”

“My switch from KW to eXp was kind of a no-brainer once the entire model was explained to me. One of the main reasons that I liked KW early on was because of its training and coaching – and when I realized how much training and coaching was happening in the entire ecosystem of eXp it was almost a no-brainer. The collaboration that happens within eXp doesn’t depends on who you signed up with or which group you’re a part of – everyone is open to sharing because it is one large company looking to grow and raise the overall standard of real estate.”

“I think that the fundamentals that Shon brings to the table are why his eXp group grew so fast, because people know they can lean on him for the practical side of the business when they need real life questions answered. If they want to know to reach out to someone to create that first contact, to introduce them to the eXp model, he’s going to have guidance to set that in action and setup the follow-ups – because we know that the Fortune’s in the followup for everything, including agent attraction, it’s not always going to happen on the first touch.”

“My overall experience at eXp is pretty much unparalleled. So, because I run a marketing company, I’ve seen inside and behind the scenes of pretty much every brokerage that’s out there – from Berkshire, toHomeSmart, to RE/MAX, to small boutique firms that hired me for different things. When you see inside and you go into their ecosystem and you start asking questions, what CRM are you using? Who’s coaching you on this. Do you have scripts? You have up, how do you generate leads? The answers are so vague and all over the map.”

“When I get on the phone with someone who’s at eXp and I have the same conversations, it’s almost an infinite number of responses that I get. They say, ‘Well, I don’t know. It depends. Should I use express offers? Should I use KV core? Should I use these scripts, those scripts? I use this lead-gen platform? Should I use this strategy?’ That’s because once you’re inside, the gloves are off. I mean, everyone is willing to share. So comparing apples to apples, I don’t even think there’s a comparison because there’s so much collaboration at eXp. Once you get inside the ecosystem, it’s, I’ve never seen anything like it in any other industry.”

“When I first got into real estate, I was taught the traditional way of, of marketing, right? Knock down doors, phone calls. That’s fantastic if you want now business and you’re hungry, absolutely deploy those strategies. My marketing agency, we focus on creating scalable systems that create brand as well as generate leads, compounded over time. So because the digital space is so competitive, we’ve moved almost 100% to video, and then we’ve moved into platforms that have the highest barrier of entry. The barrier of entry is one video, and then two, we go with the largest platform with the most scale, which is Google. Google has so many products that you can lean into.”

“So we’ve developed a program, YouTube ads for realtors that specifically teaches real estate agents, how to leverage YouTube pre-roll in-stream and discovery ads to build a brand, become the resource, the knowledge broker in their local hyper-local community, and then scale that so that when they go to the grocery store, people recognize them. When you’re at the soccer game, people recognize you.”

– Jason Oberg, eXp Realty Denver & YouTube Ads For Realtors

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