August 12, 2021

Sandra Daniels

“So if you're an agent and you're on the fence - whether you're brand new in the business or seasoned like myself - it's for everybody, you're going to get something depending on where you're at.”

“The past four sessions has been a lot of it’s affirmation and having been in the business for awhile and it’s been, the systems are important. The, the biggest takeaway though, would be when we go out and we’re sharing with our social platforms, it doesn’t have to be all about me. We can give back by bringing in other realtors and adding value to our social platform via interviewing other companies.

So if you’re an agent and you’re on the fence – whether you’re brand new in the business or seasoned like myself with over 25 years in the business – it’s for everybody, you’re going to get something depending on where you’re at. Shon will work with you and he’ll meet you where you are. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me that you’ll have a lot of takeaways and learning different strategies down from NLP to systems, to your org chart and being able to implement day one as soon as you walk out of the session.”

– Sandra Daniels, First Authority Realty, Pollock Pines, CA

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