August 19, 2021

Grant Wise

“Shon adds immense value - not only as a practitioner, but as someone who developed a ton of content and helped grow and scale a coaching company to the heights that he has. It's just absolutely remarkable.”

“Shon is without a doubt in my mind, one of the most influential people when it comes to coaching. When you look at the guy’s resume, it’s almost unbelievable what he’s been able to accomplish with the organizations he’s been with. Then, on his own, he adds immense value – not only as a practitioner, but as someone who developed a ton of content and helped grow and scale a coaching company to the heights that he has. It’s just absolutely remarkable. I think he is probably one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. I know he’s changing that, but he’s impacted a lot more people’s lives than most people realize through his coaching and training.”

“As I’ve worked with Shon over the last few years, I’ve really grown to understand his expertise in almost every area of coaching. You know, I’ve referred people to him that wanted to understand how to develop multiple revenue streams in the real estate business, I’ve referred people to him that wanted to know how to grow profitable teams. I’ve referred people to him that want to get better at closing leads. I think that he has such an array of knowledge and expertise as he’s worked throughout the real estate industry. I’ve referred a lot of people to him and each of them are like, “Well, Grant, I need help with this, or I need help with that.” I’m like, “man, you gotta go to Shon because he has an expertise in whatever this thing is”. You’re trying to overcome whatever challenge it is, and I’ve really seen just some incredible results from the people that I have referred him. For issues in relation to revenue, team management, and sales conversion, he’s really done an excellent job at putting together curriculum and coaching people to get consistent results in their business.”

“Yeah, I would recommend an agent that wants to have success in their life and in their business. I know that’s a very wide-ranging array of people, but I would say if you’re a new agent that’s trying to figure out how to get off on the right foot, and you’ve kind of fumbled on your own for a few months, you need real clear guidance and direction from somebody that’s done it, and you want a plan. You would be a great candidate to work with Shon. I would say if you’re an agent that’s been stuck in production, maybe you’ve got up to that $3 to $5 million a year mark, and you just can’t figure out how to grow past this invisible ceiling that seems to be placed on you. You need help with systems, processes, structure and those types of things, then I would say that you’d be a great candidate.”

“I would say that if you are somebody that’s trying to figure out how to grow a profitable team, you’d be a great candidate. Teams are a very attractive thing in the real estate industry – they’re also a very unprofitable thing for most people because they don’t understand how to set them up or scale them correctly. Shon is without a doubt an expert at that. I would say if you’re a broker-owner trying to figure out how to inject productivity into your team – the agents that work inside of your organization – you’d be an amazing candidate to work with Shon.”

“Shon is a very unique coach in the industry. If you look at his background, I think it’s something that really sets him apart from a business standpoint, from the way that he’s been able to go out there and help you know, as he developed training through the Keller-Williams organization and what he was able to help scale that organization to. Like I said, I think he’s one of the best kept secrets in the industry. He has probably impacted more people in the industry than people realize through what he was able to do at Keller Williams and helping them refine their coaching programs, co-author books, and do all of those other types of things. I would say that what really sets him apart is not only he was a practitioner who has personally sold over a billion dollars in real estate, but he’s also somebody that’s developed curriculum that has resulted in billions of dollars of real estate sales.”

“Shon is one of my favorite guys to interact with because he’s so personable and likable – but most importantly, he consistently comes from a place of growth and contribution. “How can we improve? How can we do better? What more can we do to give our clients greater results?” He’s not stuck in the past as far as teaching people, things that used to work. He’s a very progressive leader. He’s consistently analyzing what’s working today and saying, “okay, maybe some of this stuff worked really good back then, but if we change and modernize it a little bit, it’s going to work a little better.” So he’s constantly testing, tweaking and improving the methodology that he teaches.”

“One of the things that I think agents should love most about him is he’s very systematic in the way that he executes. He’s not going to bring you in and give you a lot of theory or fluff or any of those other types of things. He’s going to walk you through the door, figure out if he can help you or not, and then give you a roadmap. He’s gonna give you a plan that’s going to help you take you from where you are to where you want to go in the shortest amount of time, and he’s going to be there as a leader to help guide you the entire way through that process.”

“Shon is the definition of integrity. Over the last few years, getting to work with Shon has been an absolute treat. He has always treated me with the utmost respect, and he’s built me up in any interaction I’ve ever had with him – and I’ve watched him do the same thing to a lot of other people. He really cares more so about people than profits. He’s very good at building companies building businesses, and he helps a lot of people do it, but he cares more so about the impact that he’s going to have with the people that he is working with. So he’s an incredible guy to to be around, and he’s an incredible influence in somebody’s habits, rituals, and routines. You cannot be those things for other people unless you are those things for yourself, so I think he’s the embodiment of integrity, good habits, good rituals and routines. He’s an amazing guy from, from that standpoint.”

– Grant Wise, President & Co-Founder of Witly

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