August 19, 2021

Dennis Carcel

“I'd absolutely recommend him. Shon is definitely the top coach I've ever worked with - and I've worked with some of the top name-brand coaching companies. He is hands down the best coach I have ever had.”

“I used to work at Keller Williams, and Shon is huge at Keller Williams. He was a founder of MAPS coaching, so when I had the opportunity to coach with him, it was just a no-brainer.”

“I’ve been coaching with him for about two years. My business has probably about doubled, and I have more time for my family. He’s taught me how to leverage work out and how to make the correct hires, so I make more money and have more time.”

“I wanted a coach that had actually sold a lot of homes. I had previously done coaching with other companies, and my sales were actually higher than their sales. I think Shon had like 300 sales as a buyer’s agent at one time, and he works with a lot of the top teams throughout the country. So, I wanted someone with more experience than me to kind of take me to the next level and Shon’s really been a big help in doing that.”

“Hands down Shon’s been the best coach I’ve had. We talk about things that are relevant, and he coaches with a lot of other top teams, so he bounces things off that they’re doing that maybe I can try my market center. Then there’s the whole business aspect of it – he really taught me how to correctly build a team, and I’ve never had that coaching with any other program.”

“I’d absolutely recommend him. Shon is definitely the top coach I’ve ever worked with – and I’ve worked with some of the top name-brand coaching companies. He is hands down the best coach I’ve ever had.”

“In terms of eXp, once Shon really broke down the model for me, it was kind of a no-brainer to switch from KW. I always had that conception that it was just too good to be true – but when I saw the model and Shon broke down the numbers, it was really just a matter of saying, ‘how do I sign up’? Now, I’m doing the same thing that I’m doing at Keller Williams, but eXp is paying me to do it with revenue share and stock awards. I actually get paid to work at eXp.”

“In terms of recruiting, anytime I have a possible recruit Sean jumps on a zoom call with me, we’ll break down the whole model, break down the financial charts and yes, we’ve recruited several agents together.”

“I couldn’t ask for like a better company than eXp. The training is top-notch and it’s virtual, so you can get it at anytime, you don’t have to be there at eight o’clock sharp. There is so much training. The support you get is great, and when you have a closing you get paid the same day. Then there’s the revenue share – what I was getting at Keller Williams just can’t compare to eXp’s profit-share. Also, I got my full cap back in stock. I’m just keeping a lot more of my money.”

– Dennis Carcel, eXp Realty, Montclair, NJ

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