August 19, 2021

Collette McDonald

“I like to compare him to Zig Ziglar & Tony Robbins, because quite honestly he truly exemplifies that quality of coaching. Not only is he educational, but he's fun to listen to, he's engaging, and what he says makes sense.”

“I was actually introduced to Shon when I came on to the eXp platform. I had heard his name, seen some of his coaching platforms, and honestly, when I had an inkling that he was coming over to eXp that’s what made me pull the trigger because I had known of him in another brokerage, I respected what he had done, and I knew what following he had within that brokerage. So if someone like Shon Kokoszka had really investigated the business model and was willing to leave that royalty position that he was in, it really made me go, ‘well, what the heck am I doing? I gotta come over before Shon does!’”

“I’ll tell you that he has a very systematic process, but he delivers it extremely personably. He takes people for what they are, what their skill level is, how they want to succeed, not how he wants them to succeed. So he really looks at the individual, but he also has proven systems that he’s vetted for the last couple of decades. So, when you’re looking for a coach, I always tell real estate agents to work with someone that’s been successful in their own right. You want someone who can help you get where you want to go, whether that’s real estate, leasing, commercial, or recruiting, you always want to go with someone that not only knows what they’re talking about and can coach other people, but it has been successful in those areas themselves.”

“Every agent can learn something from Shon. I will tell you that I want all of my new agents to go through his 16 week program of mastery, but as a 20-year, second-generation agent, I’ve also learned so much from Shon. I’ve been with coaches with different personalities, and now I’ve seen how Shon delivers it, and it’s a compliment to both. I’m always seeking more information and Shon delivers it really in the style of like a Zig Ziglar or Tony Robbins. He’s just super-thoughtful, and super-intuitive and energetic.”

“Shon’s mannerisms and his genuine caring for people immediately comes across. He is one of those people that you very rarely hear a say negative thing. He’s always flipping the switch, his clients for other agents, for audiences, when I listen to how he presents. He is a super positive individual. That’s why I like to compare him to Zig Ziglar & Tony Robbins, because quite honestly he truly exemplifies that quality of coaching. Not only is he educational, but he’s fun to listen to, he’s engaging, and what he says makes sense.”

“I saw Shon the other day and I got to meet one of his sons. It makes a big difference when you’re meeting one of the people that you see as a leader in this industry, and they not only are they who they say they are on coaching calls, panels and on stage – but then when you meet their children who are just as kind, energetic and intuitive as Shon. So, he really walks the walk and talks the talk in his own household. When I see Shon outside of a coaching atmosphere, he’s the exact same person. That makes me feel really good that he’s not just giving you a spiel or speech – he is actually the real deal. He has the highest level of character, highest level of professionalism and he’s just an all around great guy.”

“Shon absolutely helped me come over to eXp. I didn’t want to be one of those folks that was waiting for the music to stop and there’s no chair, you know? So when I heard that there were heavy hitters coming over, I wanted to be one of those heavy hitters and I wanted to be on the same level with people like Shon Kokoszka. Now Shon has specific qualities – he can take a situation that’s very complicated and emotional and confusing, and Shon’s secret skill is to break it down and to explain it to normal people in a matter that will actually help them understand it for their own lives. So for me, Shon’s ability to explain the eXp model to not only business leaders, but to the average agent, to a new agent who doesn’t know anything about real estate has helped me immensely. For the first year, at eXp, I would just listen to Shon’s calls where he explained eXp every single week. I would hear how he delivered the information, how he answered questions, and it made me more comfortable to do it as well. So, the only reason I can actually explain the eXp model to people in a way that makes sense is because of Shon’s tutelage, leadership, and honestly, his ability to just include everybody in his world.”

“I love this company so much. I really do. eXp has made me a kinder, gentler agent. Quite honestly. I am a top agent in the Atlanta market. I have been for a long time, and my dad was a real estate broker. One of the things he told me early on was, ‘don’t spend a lot of time in the office Collette, because those agents are your competition. You need to get all the buyers and the sellers, and you don’t learn, and you don’t talk to agents in your office.’ Well, I took that to heart – I never even went to the office. When I went to the office, I would be dropping off checks or talking to my broker and agents would want to talk to me and I didn’t want to be there. However, eXp honestly has made me a kinder, gentler, more collaborative agent because now when I give away my secrets as an ICON top-producing agent, and I teach other agents how to do things, it just helps everybody else. It helps everybody, and Shon’s the same way. You don’t have to be in his downline or his revenue share team. If he’s teaching you how to be a successful agent and you sell property or you represent commercial transactions or you attract agents to eXp it just does us all good because it increases our stock value, and we’re all owners of this company. So I am so excited about this opportunity, not only for myself, but for the next generation of real estate agents, it truly is the model of the future.”

– Collette McDonald, eXp Realty, Atlanta, Georgia

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