August 18, 2021

Sean Poliseno

“Shon's got innovative ideas that tie in with an underlying methodology rooted in lead generation, follow-up, appointments, negotiating contracts & practicing scripts. When you tie that all together, it's a winning formula.”

“I sold real estate at a pretty high level – 36 homes, my first year in 2005. I was averaging between 25 and 30 homes a year, but at about the seven year mark, I realized that the way I was doing business was not the best. I started to attend some of the meetings at Keller Williams, and that’s where I decided to go to my first Keller Williams event. It was at that mastermind event that I met Shon Kokoszka – such a dynamic guy. The way he speaks and the way he presents just really connected with me, and his methodology around the basic real estate foundational things that he was mentioning in that training were things that I was missing.”

“It was at that moment that I decided to hire him as my coach. So, I hired a MAPS coach, and Shon was my coach – and since then I’ve been coaching with him personally. If you look at the way I was doing business from 2012 going forward, it was completely different. I actually have a life now – I’m able to juggle 30 to 40 transactions a year in personal production using the methodology and still maintain a life because of the time-blocking skills and all the different foundational things that he taught me.”

“I’ve attended events where people walk up and greet Shon like a celebrity – and not just inside of KW, either. I mean his mother, Diana Kokoszka and Shon had an immensely successful business in Denver, selling over 4,000 homes, being the number one real estate organization in Denver for years, and they’re still there today. Shon is known throughout RE/MAX, and throughout Mike Ferry coaching. I mean, he’s just very well known and definitely an influencer.”

“The foundational pieces, mindset, time-blocking skills, and the methodology that he uses breaks it down in such a way that it gives you a foundation. When you’re building your lead generation activities for transactional income representing buyers and sellers, he helps you build habits by giving these foundational pieces. If somebody didn’t share these with you, you wouldn’t know how to do it, and it would be just a sloppy mess.”

“His methodology helps everyone from brand new agents all the way up to agents that are selling 3,000 units a year. I mean, he coaches everybody in between, and the methodology that he uses works for everybody. I mean, whether it’s leverage that you’re trying to add to your team or to your real estate business, or whether you’re an individual agent that wants to do more production and have a better life and do a business in a better way, he’s the perfect person for you and his coaches all are trained in this methodology.”

“Shon’s got innovative ideas that tie in with an underlying methodology rooted in lead generation, follow-up, appointments, negotiating contracts & practicing scripts. When you tie that all together, it’s a winning formula. He also uses things like his ATA and ETA tools that really get help you get clarity around your business. I don’t think any other coaches are using these systems or tools.”

“He exudes integrity and professionalism, and all you have to do is spend a little time with him and hear him interview somebody or teach a class to really get that. Again, I’ve been personally coaching with him since 2012 and he was my first coach, and I’ve been coaching with him since then, and I became a coach with ICON Coaching just recently. You know, when I changed brokerages after 16 years with Keller Williams, I followed him to the brokerage that we are at today because of that professionalism and integrity. He just exudes it.”

“Is Shon an eXp influencer? Absolutely – that’s why I chose him as my sponsor. I mean, I had been approached by about a half a dozen eXp agents in my local market that I’ve known for 15 or 16 yearsm but I joined under Sean because the proof is in the pudding. I mean, he’s got an excess of a thousand people in his group – and I want that for myself. So again, his methods translate over to the agent attraction world, and it was a no-brainer for me to call him and actually go in under him. So he’s my sponsor in’s a mindset shift transitioning from being focused on transactional income.”

“At Keller Williams we had a profit-sharing model, but it was never really something that I focused on. I’m absolutely focusing on agent attraction as much as I focus on my lead generation around transactional business because the agent attraction side is passive. It’s something I can will to my kids, and it’s a lifestyle. There’s people in this company that are living lifestyles making $800 to $900,000 a month in agent attraction income. I could never earn that in real estate. I mean, we say real estate transactional income representing buyers and sellers has unlimited income potential – and that is true. It’s just working harder versus working smarter. I think that agent attraction is a smarter way to go.”

– Sean Poliseno, eXp Realty, Calabasas, California

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