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Take your real estate business to the next level with ICON Coaching, created by billion dollar agent & former KW Maps President Shon Kokoszka. Our real estate coaching programs teach you how to generate more leads, win more listings, and close more sales than you ever thought possible!

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This free collection contains over 30 scripts and objection handlers in a video format, delivered by Shon Kokozka. You can use this to memorize the script and study his style, mannerisms & delivery as he presents the script.

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How to easily prospect and convert expired listings into profitable clients!

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How to easily prospect and convert For Sale By Owner listings into profitable clients!

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How to become a lead follow-up expert and quickly convert new leads!

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Client Reviews

“This is a great place to be challenged, to really perform at peak levels. You’re going to see what you find really is important, and you’re going to be able to focus and redirect your focus on a daily basis to really accomplish your goals.”

Chris Vogt

“Shon's got innovative ideas that tie in with an underlying methodology rooted in lead generation, follow-up, appointments, negotiating contracts & practicing scripts. When you tie that all together, it's a winning formula.”

Sean Poliseno