3 Proven Ways To Make Sure Your Friends Don't List With Anyone Else

Have you ever lost a potential sale to a friend, family member, or acquaintance to another agent? Having someone in your sphere of influence choose another agent can be a truly frustrating experience, and it happens all the time - but it doesn't have to!

In this webinar, we're going to join top-producer Steve Powers and drill down on SOI strategies you can use to make sure the long-term relationships you've built don't turn into another agents commissions!

We're going to teach you 3 trusted, proven methods to nurture & retain people in your SOI, and we'll show you how to keep yourself top of mind and common relationship concerns that sellers sometimes have about doing business with a friend.

Steve Powers has been a real estate coach since 1997. Having completed over 80,000 successful coaching calls for clients worldwide, Steve has a reputation for excellence in coaching, as well as a no-nonsense, profit-driven plan that emphasizes accountability, discipline, and sales skills.

His coaching has allowed his clients to become the Who's Who in their respective market. Many over his teams that he has coached are in the top 1% of the Franchise worldwide. Steve has helped these teams grow from 150, 250, 500, or 750 deals a year or more.

Your Bulletproof Business Plan To Survive What's Next

Survive & Thrive In The "New Normal" With A No-Downtime Business Plan! In this webinar, you'll learn how to craft a no-downtime business plan to absolutely crush it in today's uncertain market. If you're worried about the continuing effects of COVID on the economy - especially in the slower Q3/Q4 seasons, we're going to show you how to have a busy winter & have a bulletproof business plan to survive the delta variant.

As the rent moratoriums end and life gets back to normal, we're still struggling with the long-term economic impacts of the COVID pandemic. The market is expected to cool off - but how much, and will it put the brakes on real estate sales during the slower cold months?

Regardless of what the market does, you can protect yourself from uncertainty by creating a rock-solid, stable business plan that works in any market conditions. Remember, real estate sales happen regardless of economic conditions, and downturns are a traditional method of clarifying the industry as professionals rise to the top of the market. You should be one of them!

This webinar is presented by ICON Producers, our industry-leading panel of real estate experts - and moderated by Shon Kokoszka, billion-dollar agent & former President of KW MAPS coaching. This is a live event and spots are limited, so make sure to watch it now!

Diversify Your Income With Line Extensions

Register now for our exclusive webinar and learn how to diversify your real estate income and end the "feast or famine" lifestyle forever! Our guest is John Murdoch, one of the hottest new Realtors® in the booming Texas market, and he's going to walk you through key strategies to create multiple streams of income by adding line-extensions to your business!

John Murdock is consecutively ranked amongst the Top 1% of Realtors Under 40 Worldwide and Top 2.5% of Realtors in Virginia. As CEO of CityScape Metro Group, one of Northern Virginia's top real estate teams, John has developed a proven and repeatable system that guarantees the best results possible for his clients, every time.

John's passion is helping others buy and sell real estate. His knowledge of the market helps his buyers find the home of their dreams at a price they can afford, and his experience and negotiation skills are what causes his sellers to sell for more money in less time.

This webinar is presented by ICON Producers, our industry-leading panel of real estate experts - and moderated by Shon Kokoszka, billion-dollar agent & former President of KW MAPS coaching. This is a live event and spots are limited, so make sure to register now while spaces are still available!

How To Sell Over 5,000 Homes A Year


In this exclusive ICON Producers webinar, we'll drill down on the strategies Chris used to build a high-volume pipeline and keep the leads, listings & sales flowing without compromising his commitment to service and quality.

Chris been a trusted real estate advisor to over thousands of families across Central Texas, his commitment to quality in every transaction has been recognized by Inc 5000, Wall Street Journal, and several local publications. His clients are getting their homes sold for up to $50,000 more than the average agent.

Chris Watters has completed over 5,000+ transactions nationally, with over 920 closings & $260m in volume in Austin alone! He's been a trusted real estate advisor to over 3000 families across Central Texas for the past 15 years, giving him a level of market expertise that indirectly creates an enormous competitive advantage for his clients. Watters' has been recognized by Inc 5000, Wall Street Journal, and several local publications as the top broker in Central Texas. His clients are getting their homes sold for up to $50,000 more than the average agent.

Chris is a central Texas native. His extensive knowledge has proven invaluable to his clients looking for the inside scoop when relocating to Central Texas. In 2010, he founded his own practice, Watters International Realty. In 2015, he began to open branches across Texas and North America, duplicating his success in new markets partnering with local market experts and leaders.

Mr. Watters holds multiple advisory roles in technology and real estate investment companies. His personal goal is helping to create positive and lasting change to enhance the consumer experience. Watters is a graduate of Texas State University where he studied Business Administration in Finance.

eXp Realty - Is It Too Good To Be True?

You've heard the buzz: great commission splits, revenue share, stock options, and more - but what does eXp Realty mean for regular agents?

In this upcoming webinar, we're going to drill down on real-world pros & cons for eXp Realty with our panel of top-producing agents. Learn what the eXp agent experience is truly like with real life agent stories & experiences

This is a no-holds barred, no punches pulled examination of the eXp model and what it means to agents today. Learn how the compensation, training, team-building & brokerage organization work in the real world in the words of agents who have switched.

We're going to be covering the good, the bad, and the ugly about this virtual brokerage model, and we also have a Q&A chat session where you can ask questions about your own team to our panel & get answers in realtime!

How To Leverage Facebook Groups

Facebook is the new “town square.” Almost 70% of adults use Facebook, which is why you need to leverage the power of 1.8 billion people using Facebook groups to generate leads, build relationships, and keep yourself top-of-mind.

In this exclusive webinar, top-producing REALTOR® & Social Orchard founder Will Penney will walk you through how to start your own private Facebook group and start staying top of mind with your sphere of influence!

Successful businesses know that private Facebook groups are the absolute best tool to stay Top-Of-Mind with their customers - and Will Penney's system allows you to leverage this!

Odds are you already use Facebook - and you're probably already a member of several groups. We're going to show you how to effectively generate leads in your existing groups, and how you can create & manage new groups as online social network farms for new business!

Build A Team & Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Nobody knows teams like Shon Kokoszka. As the former President of KW MAPS Coaching, he's worked with thousands of top-producing real estate teams across the country to help them maximize revenue and avoid costly mistakes.

In this exclusive upcoming webinar, Shon and our panel of team-building experts are going to teach you everything you need to know about building a team the right way - and how you can avoid painful, time-wasting mistakes that threaten to cost you thousands in revenue!

No matter what brokerage, franchise, or affiliationg you have, this open event will show you the proven, successful techniques for building a stellar team. We're going to be covering who to hire, when to hire them, how to manage & compensate them, and much more.

How To Sell $1m In 90 Days With Facebook Ads

Our Featured Guest: Grant Wise is a maverick leader and an innovative marketing strategist recognized as the Co-Founder of Witly, an automated ad platform for Facebook ads.

Grant helps companies implement systems to generate leads, build their brand, and convert more customers through marketing and sales automation. He has worked with over 4000 businesses from single agents to large scale teams in Real Estate, Mortgage, Investing, and Title.

Along with Grant Wise, you'll learn tips, tricks, and secrets for selling real estate on Facebook with billion-dollar agent Shon Kokoszka and our top-producing panel of agents & coaches.

How To Protect Your Commissions

If you're up against a wall about your commission, or just want better scripts & strategies to overcome future objections, this event will teach you how to defend your commission & get paid what you deserve!

We're going to give you scripts, objection handlers, strategies & NLP techniques from Shon Kokozka and our panel of top-producing REALTORS® from some of the most competitive markets in the country.

No matter how competitive your market is, the techniques you will learn here will help you stay ahead of the competition, win your listing presentations, and maximize your transaction profitability!

How To Take Listings - Right Now!

No matter how competitive your market is, the techniques you'll learn here will help you stay ahead of the competition while you build a strong, multi-channel lead generation pipeline.

Join Billion Dollar Agent Shon Kokoszka and our panel of top-producing experts to learn the most effective techniques they're using right now to generate highly motivated residential listings.

No matter how competitive your market is, the techniques you will learn here will help you stay ahead of the competition while you maximize your transaction profitability!

How To Win In A Multiple Offer Scenario

In parts of the country, sellers are getting dozens of offers within days of listing their property on the market. In this upcoming webinar, Shon Kokoszka and our panel of top-producing experts are going to walk you through the top strategies for making the right offer at the right time - and how to get your offer accepted at a reasonable price.

Today's real estate market is more competitive than ever, but that doesn't have to stand in the way of your success! Attend this webinar and ensure that market competition doesn't keep your buyers on the sidelines and stand in the way of your hard-earned commissions.

PLAN2020 Business Planning Event

You want to achieve more success - but do you have a real estate business plan to get there? If not, you'll end up with a scattered to-do list that is unlikely to ever be completed since it isn't focused on accomplishing your objectives.

In this exclusive presentation, Shon Kokoszka shares his expertise in crafting a metric-driven business plan that's built around your own unique goals & challenges, and will help you reach a new level of success in your real estate business.

As a billion-dollar agent & former President of KW MAPS coaching, Shon knows better than anybody the importance that planning has in your success. He's helped thousands of agents grow their businesses, and in this free online presentation he'll give you all the information you need to follow in their footsteps!

Lead Conversion Mastery Webinar

I'll bet you see a dozen advertisements a day for lead generation programs that promise to fill your pipeline with leads - and if you're like most agents, you've probably spent money on at least a few of them, only to walk away feeling disappointed.

Is your problem truly lead generation, though? Before you spend even more money on lead generation, let's make sure that you're not dropping the ball on converting them into sales. As it turns out, lead conversion is truly the area that needs work for most agents - and by implementing a few key principles into your followup process, you can truly master this part of the business.

Join us for this exclusive webinar on Lead Conversion Mastery, and learn how top agents convert leads both in-person and in today's digital environment. When you learn how to convert leads more effectively, you'll save time & money on trying to generate more of them - making you a big winner without having to buy more gimmicks & gotchas.

How To Build A Top-Producing Real Estate Team

Why do you even need a real estate team? Many agents see the cost, time-investment, and expense associated with a team and immediately decide against it. Why split your profit margins when you can do it all yourself? The answer is simple: you can build massive revenue as a single producer, but it requires your undivided time & energy to do it. If you ever want to have a vacation or even just a life outside of work, you'll need a team.

In this presentation, Shon Kokoszka provides a detailed, step-by-step plan to grow & scale your real estate business from a single-agent to a large, top-producing real estate team. He outlines who to hire, when to hire them, and how to grow your team over time.

Nobody is more qualified to show you how to grow & scale your team than Shon Kokoszka. As the former President of KW MAPS Coaching, he's shown thousands of agents how to grow & scale teams in team-focused KW brand, and helped leverage best of breed techniques to build the ultimate teams - in every major market across the country.