October 7, 2020

Lead Conversion Mastery Webinar

In this event we're going to do a drill down on how to generate, follow up, and convert leads using proven techniques to maximize your conversion rate.

I’ll bet you see a dozen advertisements a day for lead generation programs that promise to fill your pipeline with leads – and if you’re like most agents, you’ve probably spent money on at least a few of them, only to walk away feeling disappointed.

Is your problem truly lead generation, though? Before you spend even more money on lead generation, let’s make sure that you’re not dropping the ball on converting them into sales. As it turns out, lead conversion is truly the area that needs work for most agents – and by implementing a few key principles into your followup process, you can truly master this part of the business.

Join us for this exclusive webinar on Lead Conversion Mastery, and learn how top agents convert leads both in-person and in today’s digital environment. When you learn how to convert leads more effectively, you’ll save time & money on trying to generate more of them – making you a big winner without having to buy more gimmicks & gotchas.

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