May 9, 2021

What’s Your Why?

At the core of anybody I've ever worked with that's achieved extraordinary results, there's a compelling reason why they choose to achieve that. In essence, it's their purpose. I want to just put you on a quick scenario to illustrate this.

Let’s just say that that there’s two 20 story buildings, both exactly the same height, and there’s a board that goes from one rooftop to the other rooftop. Now imagine it’s five times the width of a normal balance beam. Let’s say I’m on the rooftop of one building. You’re on the rooftop of the other building. I’ve got $10,000 in cash. I’d say, if you can walk across this board without falling off either side, I’m going to give you this $10,000.

How many of you guys would actually take that risk? Now, let’s imagine that it’s windy, that it’s raining and there’s lightning all around. See nobody in their right mind would take that risk yet. Let’s change the circumstances. Let’s say you’re on one building all by yourself, nobody else around, and your two year old toddler, maybe your niece, your nephew, your grandson, your granddaughter, your son, or your daughter is on the other rooftop – and that building’s on fire. Nobody else around. What would you do?

I’d venture to guess that you would do whatever it takes to get across that board. Somehow some way to save that little baby. I know I would, by the way, even if it’s windy, even if it’s raining, even if there’s lightning all around.

My input to you is to discover your why. Let that flame burn with white hot intensity, because that becomes the fuel that gets you across the finish line – and it doesn’t just get you across the finish line, it gets you across the finish line first, and that is what you want, right?

For more information about icon coaching, I encourage you to engage in a free strategy session. You’ll discover many things about yourself and your business, and I promise it’ll be worth your time until next time. Be on purpose, be productive and be powerful.

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