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The Attraction in Action group coaching program and weekly strategy call is a 4-week training program designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and training to grow your real estate agent network. Learn how to attract agents, and get exclusive scripts & strategies to engage, nurture, and rapidly add them to your real estate network. You’ll learn the fundamentals of agent attraction for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching programs.

Shon Kokoszka discusses the new Attraction In Action program

How It Works

Attraction in Action gives you direct access to Shon Kokoszka’s agent attraction knowledge & expertise. You will learn the same techniques to attract agents and grow your network developed by Shon to recruit thousands of agents and build a massive real estate downline.

Group Coaching &Weekly Strategy Calls

Be a part of the group coaching and weekly 1-hour strategy calls that will be held every week. A workbook is provided for you to print off and participate every week, and each session is recorded.

Insider Scripts, Systems & Techniques

You will learn and be trained to Shon Kokoszka’s products and systems, all available in a comprehensive members-only area with a library of videos, scripts, objection handlers and systems.

Exclusive Member's OnlyFacebook Group

You will be added to the exclusive ICON Coaching Facebook group where you’ll have access to exclusive coaching materials and strategy sessions with Shon & other group members.

Why It Works

Feeling stuck building revenue share because you’re having a hard time attracting agents to your network? If you’re ready for coaching but want freedom of self-paced learning, then the group coaching in the ICON Attraction in Action program is perfect for you.

Attraction In Action Group Coaching gives you the same amazing real estate techniques found in our one-on-one coaching programs, but in an affordable group coaching environment.

This program delivers 4 weeks toward mastery, making it a boot-camp of real estate agent attraction skills to rapidly grow your agent network.

Gene Frederick: Board of Directors and Ambassador at eXp Realty

4-Week Training Schedule

Week#1: Your Mindset For Success

Establish the mindset for success and build foundational skills with agent attraction.

Week #2: Business Planning

Learn key scripts, techniques  & systems to create a practical strategy for your efforts.

Week #3: Creating Leverage

Understand the key processes & systems required to rapidly growing your network.

Week #4: Leverage Social Media & Influence

Create your social media strategy plan and grow your agent attraction influence.

Who is Shon Kokoszka

Shon Kokoszka is a billion-dollar agent, having sold more than 4,000 homes in his 28-year career, achieving the coveted status of Top 100 RE/MAX Worldwide and Top 100 Keller Williams Worldwide. He’s also the former president of Keller Williams MAPS Coaching and MAPS Business Training – the #1 training organization in the world.

Shon helped create the KW BOLD coaching program and The One Thing training curriculum, based on Gary Keller & Jay Papason’s best-selling book. Shon has coached thousands of real estate professionals from all major franchises along with Fortune 500 companies like McDonald’s, Northwestern Mutual, Fidelity, FedEx, PepsiCo, Genentech, and more.

ICON Coaching offers free coaching strategy sessions, webinars, and agent tools to help real estate agents of any skill advance their careers by learning top-producing techniques to increase listings, buyer sales, profitability, and productivity.

“I have no words to tell you how good this has been, and I have been here in this community only few months. So imagine what we are going to build together in the upcoming future.”

Angelica Behm

“Look at Mark Spain, the #1 real estate team in the world, or Chris Watters, the #1 team here in Austin - Shon was their coach. You don't have to reinvent the wheel - when a model shows proven results, go with it.”

Dallas Seely

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What's Included

  • 1 Hour LIVE weekly Zoom coaching & training calls
  • Content Binder – Shipped directly to you
  • Full access to our library of content - ($499 Value)
  • Shon’s Recruiting Presentation - ($399 Value)
    • Recruiting Slide Deck
    • Candidate Workbook
    • Agent Attraction Scripts
  • Grant Wise Facebook Ad Training Program - ($499 Value)
  • One month of CRM Grow & Training - ($49 Value)
  • Coaching accountability & team management skills
  • 4 week program + $1,446 worth of add-ons!)

Pay Up Front

$299one time
  • Rapidly grow your agent network with the Action In Attraction Group Coaching program!

3 Payments

$110per month
  • Join the Attraction In Action Group Coaching today at our affordable monthly rate!
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