August 8, 2021

Sonia Leonard

“It certainly helped me as a tenured agent, whether an established business and giving me ideas to bring my business to the next level things I hadn't even thought about. Compared to other training, it's an A-plus.”

“The impact this program had on my activities was that I actually got them done. I actually have a list of activities that I plan on doing every day. On most days they don’t all get done a hundred percent, but during training, not only did they get done a hundred percent, but the bar was stepped up on my expectations of myself. So I did an awful lot more.”

“I’ve been in real estate for 15 years and I think this program had perfect timing for me to take now for my business goals. If I had taken it any earlier, I would have used the information differently, but it’s certainly something that you can take at any time during your career, as a new agent, it’s going to give you a ton of things to do and focus and strategy, and really set you on a good road to building a career in real estate. If you’re a tenured agent, there’s still so much content in this class. I can’t wait to implement a whole lot more things that I’ve never even thought of doing.”

“The impact it has had on my personal life is that it’s made me realize that I can have a personal life! The time tracking, planning, and strategizing on goal setting for business and personal has really made me think about using my time more effectively and allowing more personal time and to set goals for personal time and personal achievements as well as business achievements.”

“I am a bit of a perfectionist part of my profile is like a completion. I can’t remember the word, but I thrive on completing projects. So sometimes I’m paralyzed to start a project because if I don’t think I can get it done, I’m frustrated. So the ‘progress not perfection’ allowed me to actually start something and move it down the road without being frustrated that it’s not totally finished.”

“This program is a perfect most for anybody in the real estate business. I have a thriving business that I’m very proud of right now, but that’s nothing compared with what I’m going to actually have having implemented with just a few of the strategies that I’ve learned.”

“I attended the first session because someone that I trust in the industry asked me to come along and support them. I wasn’t sure what I was going to achieve from the first session, but I thought, ‘well, it’s just one day and maybe there’s something I can learn from this.” So I really wasn’t very open-minded, but at the end of the first session, I was 110% in. I couldn’t wait to sign up for the rest of it. I went back to my office and told several of my colleagues that they needed to look out for their opportunity, that they could take it. I really was blown away by the first session and it just got better.”

“Compared to other trainings that I’ve attended, this it’s a monster – it’s huge. There is so much content and I would say I’ve been totally overwhelmed, but I’ve also been told during the training that that’s okay. It’s content for everybody in any place in their career, and it certainly helped me as a tenured agent, whether an established business and giving me a lot of ideas to bring my business to the next level things I hadn’t even thought about. So compared to other training, it’s an A-plus.”

– Sonia Leonard, RE/MAX, Southlake, Texas

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