August 19, 2021

Ronnie Margolis

“I would absolutely recommend Shon. It's a great investment of time and money, and I think you'll find the challenge of being a coaching client of Shon's is deciding how big you want to become.”

“Well, I think Shon has really helped me and my team to be focused, to understand what the important activities are. He is constantly guiding me, and showing me different tools and techniques to build leverage in my business. Things like how to delegate, how to build more positive relationships with the members of my team, how to empower them and get them doing the things that they can do even better.”

“The most important thing for me is that it helps my mindset, because I coach at the beginning of the week and it helps set me straight. I’d say there’s several other important things as well. Despite doing maybe 30 years of personal growth work, it’s always great to be reminded of what’s important, and Shon has such a mastery of things like embedded commands, neurolinguistic programming, and psychological awareness on how to how to communicate effectively and take charge of the conversation. So, it’s great to benefit from his decades of experience with that personal growth side of his coaching. Also, he understands real estate so well that if I have a specific challenge it’s fairly common for Shon to have a tool in his toolbox, and say, ‘well, have you ever considered doing this?’”

“I’ll give you an example: I’ve been searching for many years to do effective marketing for buyers using Google ad-words, and I’ve tried doing it myself as well as hiring other consultants. Shon directed me to a company that he had a lot of experience with, and the results that we’ve gotten are off the charts. You know, sometimes when you do something and you get a great result, you want to sort of give that disclaimer, ‘your mileage may vary’ but for me, I’ve been on that superhighway and I have him to thank for making me aware of it. That’s wonderful.”

“You know, in my 17 years in real estate, I’ve discovered that there are a plethora of businesses and coaches that service our real estate ecosystem. I did work with the MAPS program with Keller Williams and I think in my experience that coach was very focused on my numbers and was a good listener, but didn’t really have many tools or thoughts or creative suggestions to help me. With Shon, I see that combination of insight into real estate, vision for where real estate going is going ,and now the idea within his new business relationship with eXp, about the idea of generating what he calls ‘wake-up money’. I’ve started to look at that part and what it means for me as I get closer to what could be a retirement age.”

“It’s super exciting. So, I don’t know if there’s anybody out there that has such an all-encompassing set of tools as Shon brings to the table when he coaches you. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there that really compares with his understanding of people, his mastery of communication, and his constantly being on the cutting edge of new tools and technology in the business.”

“I would absolutely recommend Shon. It’s a great investment of time and money, and I think you’ll find the challenge of being a coaching client of Shon’s is deciding how big you want to become. You know, how many of the great ideas and tools that he puts in your hand will you use to up your production and your business?”

– Ronnie Margolis, eXp Realty, Kaua’i, HI

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