Maggie & Brad Parker

“Hi, I’m Maggie. Hi, I’m Brad. We’re the Parkers, and we’re a husband and wife domestic team. We were introduced to ICON Producers in 2019, and with the techniques and everything that we’ve learned from all the coaching, we were able to triple our business and also expand our team. We’re expanding this year and including our 23 year old son, who’s coming on board – he’s getting his license and simultaneously graduating from college. So we’re excited to expand our team and get him on board. What I love about ICON coaching is the access to amazing leadership that we get through Shon and others. Just being able to move up to their level brings us up.

I think you know, one of the core of my beliefs and something that I recognized back when I worked at Fidelity Investments in 2000, I was able to nominate my manager for a leadership award, and in writing up that nomination, I came across a quote from Ralph Nader. He was a presidential candidate at the time, and what he said was ‘the function of leadership is to produce more leaders’. We won the nomination, he got the leadership award, we got to meet Abby Johnson, the CEO of Fidelity, and we talked about that quote and how it resonates in life and in business. That’s what pulled me to the ICON Producers and Shon, because I think he has a teaching heart and the coaching, produces leaders from good leadership. So, it’s been great for us, and it’s allowed us to prosper financially.

It’s given us freedom to really to do what we wanted in our community in terms of having a serving heart, from that spirit of giving to others and bringing real value to our clients. We were able to establish a legacy for our family, build a business and using the models and tools that our leadership group has given to us, it enables us to leave that legacy for our children in the form of that business and really achieve our goals.

It’s less about us. It’s more about what we’re creating, and about building leadership within our team and within our children. You know, that’s what ICON Producers is all about – just giving people the tools to become great leaders themselves.”

– Maggie & Brad Parker, Parker Realty Group, Cincinnati, OH