August 19, 2021

Jennifer Jones

“There's no one better than Shon is. I've tried a whole bunch of different coaching programs, and Shon has highest level of accountability, knowledge and systems to be able to move you to the next level.”

“I had known about Shon actually from Keller Williams, and just saw the way that he was able to run everything with systems and processes and all of that good stuff. So I actually reached out to Diana Kokoszka who’s his mom and was able to track him down, and actually I had no idea that he was over at eXp. So I reached out to him and asked if he would coach. I was very intentional about choosing Shon as my coach, because he holds the highest form of accountability possible with love, and understands how to grow a team, run a business, and work on mindset at a level that’s beyond where I currently am.”

“Shon was critical to my success. He looked at my organizational model, my org chart, and essentially said, ‘okay, you’re too horizontal. We need to build it deeper. What I want you to do is hire a Director of Sales.’ So, you know, I’m like, ‘wow, we’re going to hire a Director of Sales’. So Shon actually walked me through the process of how to compensate, how the model works, and I went out and hired that Director of Sales. He’s worked through a lot and challenged beliefs I think that I’ve had – and basically what I said to Shon was, ‘you know, coaches tend to ask questions and self-discover, that’s not what I’m looking for. You’ve already been there and done that better than I do. I would just prefer you tell me what to do and I will just execute it’ – and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

“Even that struggle with working on your own agents to move production, get the production up, and concentrate on getting your own agents to improve their production. Ultimately what Shon explained was ‘no, we do that simply by attracting and hiring new agents. We’re going to you grow, the volume of deals that we’re doing simply by hiring agents’. So again, that’s what we’ve been doing. Basically, anything Shon has told me to do, that’s what I do because he a track record like no other coach that’s out there in real estate.”

“The most important thing about coaching for me is having someone who has the experience, who’s already been there, done that, and works with the highest level. In my case that’s teams – those big, producing teams. He can understand the complexity of things that I’m working through and show me the light on how to get to the other side of it. I don’t want someone who hasn’t been there, I’ve had those coaches before. They may have a lot of just straight up business experience, but those people have a difficult time understanding like the nuances of the real estate business. For me, that experience is something that’s definitely been important. I would say the other really big thing is just that accountability. So, you tell me to go hire a Director of Sales. I’m going to go hire a Director of Sales You tell me I need to go out and hire more agents. I’m going to go out and hire more agents. I’m just holding myself accountable to what he’s asking me to do in a loving but firm way.”

“There just is no comparison to other coaches – I feel like Shon really listens. I’ve had coaches where I feel they’re not really listening and they’re going on to their next question, where Shon is like actively listening and analyzing and seeing things, you know what I’m saying? He’s seeing something that I need to work on or changes that I need to make. There’s no one better than Shon is. I’ve tried a whole bunch of different coaching programs within my team, and Shon has highest level of accountability, knowledge and systems to be able to move you to the next level.”

“So, Keller Williams was a wonderful company. I really enjoyed being with Keller. That’s the only real estate company I’d been with previously – but once I saw the model for eXp nothing else really made sense. I’d been approached by various different higher-end luxury brand brokerages to open new locations and regions for them, but it just didn’t feel right. Once I saw the eXp model, there was, it just, there was nothing else. It was a really easy decision, and I’m grateful that I did it. I look back now, and realize that my whole team would have passed money over to the brokerage that actually ended up being $200,000 in my eXp Shareworks trading account this year. So, having that ability to invest in the stock as the company grows, and participate and benefit from that – there’s just nothing else comparable. For me personally, I see that being with any other company that really isn’t benefiting you with anything except maybe a medal around your neck or an award. This just doesn’t make sense.”

“Shon’s been working with myself, my Director of Sales, our Director of Education, and a couple of other key people on our team to work on the attraction piece of things. We’ve just finished off our like education part, and we run a 30 day boot-camp that we’ve been perfecting. Now, we’re moving heavily into recruitment. Shon has been key to that and to changing my mindset around working on training these new agents all the time and getting them better and better. That’s important, but in order to have the growth, it’s more important to also attract and bring in new agents and talent that challenges us all to do better. So Shon has been key. Definitely.Shon has transformed my thinking and my vision for the business in a very short period of time, and I wasn’t getting that from other coaching programs.”

“So we’ve been thrilled being with eXp and being able to participate in the revenue share program. You know, you’re taking a percentage of what you earn and buying stock at a reduced discount and growing that. – It’s been amazing. I think that being cloud-based helps us get the help we’ve required to learn how to do tasks like upload documents properly and, eXp suppport has been they’ve been great with assisting us quickly.”

– Jennifer Jones, JJ Team, eXp Realty, Ontario, Canada

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