August 18, 2021

Brody Saunders

“I work with a lot of agents that have gone through Shon's program and for them it's really life-changing. There are a lot of people that benefit every day from the care he takes in his work.”

“I work with a lot of agents that have gone through Shon’s program and for them it’s really life-changing. You have a lot of people that are aspirational in this industry and they’re trying to get started. Then you have people that are in the middle that want to take their business to the next level. Those two groups are helped in such a big way by what he brings to the table. Again, it goes back to relationship building and I don’t want this to come across as a sales pitch for Shon because the value he brings is obviously there. There are a lot of people that benefit every day from the care he takes in his work.”

“Well, I think he’s an influencer in a huge way coming from Keller and going over to eXp. I think that was an influential statement to say the least about eXp’s model. He created basically the template that built the entire industry. It comes from MAPS and shows how to articulate the whole sales process and how to build your business. So he’s definitely an influencer. There’s no question about it. I think that, you know, the best is yet to come for him with some of the new models that are being engaged with in the marketplace. I think the sky is the limit for where he can take things in the future, and that future is very bright for where he wants to go based on my conversations with him.”

“I would recommend Shonto people getting started, people that are kind of in the middle that have had some success that are trying to get to the next level, but I think there’s also another area that I think is very important and underserved, which is agents that have been successful in the past that have stagnated. Maybe it’s that the world’s changed a little bit, so they’re not seeing the same level of success that they saw in the past, and they want to become more successful going forward. I think that is a huge opportunity for anyone in that group to really lean on Shawn’s expertise, to reinvigorate their business and get to back back to where they wanted to be when they started.”

“I think it boils down to experience and to the approach of relationship building. You know, a lot of coaches are out there, saying ‘Hey, look, pay me this amount of money and I’ll change your life tomorrow.’ I don’t think that’s really what Shon does or what he tries to say. I think his approach focuses on something that is relatable to people, and it’s important relatable to people from new agents to people that have experienced the industry and successful and want to become more successful.”

“I think a lot of real estate coaches haven’t sold a billion dollars worth of real estate. So it’s difficult for them to articulate their value to other people because they’ve never been through it. So it would be sort of like someone saying, you know, ‘Hey, I’ve never climbed Mount Everest, but I think you can, I’ll tell you how to do it.’ Shon has actually done it.”

– Brody Saunders, CEO of IdealEstate

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