August 19, 2021

Robert Stein

“I have more listings than ever. I have more clients than ever. I've gained more confidence, and developed a better skillset - and I know that the value I'm providing to my team is the best in the business.”

“The impact that coaching with Shon has had on my business personally has been pretty significant and dramatic in a relatively short amount of time. I’m an agent with eXp and I initially got an email from Shon & Gene Frederick that was promoting Shon’s new coaching program, Accelerated Breakthrough, which is a 16 week program. It was a no-brainer – I thought the value for the price was outstanding, and Shon seemed like a genuine guy.”

“I haven’t talked to Shon too much about this, but I’d been burned by gurus before, like pretty bad. So, I’ve always been very hesitant to get involved in another coaching relationship, but I figured well, if Gene is supporting Shon and putting his name on it, it must be worth checking out.”

“So, even just in the very first couple group coaching sessions with Shon, I really got a lot of value out of it. I was able to increase my conversion rate of leads to clients, even just after the first couple of weeks. At that point, coincidentally, I had just reached the production value required to start a team with eXp, which had been my goals. I was hesitant to do it because I really wanted to make sure I had the right guidance to kind of fast track my success.”

“I started a group coaching with Sean and he never, ever pushed about his coaching services either. I reached out to him to inquire about one-to-one coaching. We had a call, we hit it off right away, and I committed to working with Shon for the goal of primarily helping me build out my team properly, increasing my production, skillset and income as an agent, but primarily really to just make sure I could provide the right value to my team.”

“So in a group setting, I’ve been with Shon for like 10 weeks. Now this is week 10 on an individual setting. I think this is our fourth or fifth coaching call and it has been incredible. I’ve recruited four agents to my team already. I really didn’t know where to start in terms of systems and leveraging systems and technology so that I can be a good team leader – ahe’s had like all the answers. He’s given me a very clear blueprint as to ‘here’s what we need to do’, like ‘here’s the bird’s eye view. Let’s dial in what you’re doing every week, every day’. Even though I’ve only had a team for about six weeks, I have four agents.”

“Now I was excited to tell Shon today that like they’re already converting their own leads to clients. They’re hosting open houses, I’m sending them on showings by themselves and they’re able to convert leads to appointments. They’re just doing great. I feel so good about the value I’m able to give them. Shon has made my life easier by exposing these systems to me like listing power tools, like sync, I got signed up with sync. That would send me recommendations. So we have leads coming in that I’m handing to them and they’re becoming successful, and Shon has really been coaching to my needs and strengths. He has never given me something that I’m not on board with – he was very clear about establishing that at the beginning. Like we’re going to form our game plan together, but once we’re in mutual agreement, he’s going to expect me to do the work, which I do enthusiastically.”

“But I mean, I’m sold. I talked to Katie, my wife all the time about like, I can’t believe how fortunate I am that I got that email at just the right time in my career. Even though it’s only been again four to five weeks that I’ve been coaching one-on-one with Shon, I personally have had a 100% success rate converting leads to appointments. I have more listings than ever. I have more clients than ever. I’ve gained more confidence and a better skillset – and I know that the value I’m providing to my team is like the best in the business. I feel very good about the path that’s been laid out for me. So, it’s going great. I don’t think it could be going any better.”

– Robert Stein, eXp Realty, Austin, Texas

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