August 12, 2021

Peter Park

“My greatest takeaway from soar was really seeing nuts and bolts step-by-step picture of how I can build a team and how I can really have right from the get-go, not just an organizational chart.”

“Hi, I’m Peter Park. I’ve really appreciated the time I’ve gotten to spend with Shon. He’s given me a fresh look at some of the real foundational basics that I need to pay attention to in my daily habit forming. And secondly really just increasing my skills in some critical areas. That’ll help in the process. And then third, tying that to a bigger picture of where I’d like my business to go in the future, that team building something I’ve just not really been able to master to the degree that he’s pointed out and in line with that actually providing tools. That’ll break down this big picture into manageable bite sized pieces that I can accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, and over the year. So I really appreciate the input and opportunities given us to learn from this experience.

My greatest takeaway from soar was really seeing nuts and bolts step-by-step picture of how I can build a team and how I can really have right from the get-go, not just an organizational chart of the people that I need to fulfill various tasks, but being able to demonstrate them very concretely, very clearly what their path would be through the organization, if they wanted it, where they could progress through step-by-step to the goal that they want accomplish them themselves. And also a really amazing thing. Just having it be built in where as they make those progressions through there, getting on the job training and then becoming capable of training the people that follow after them and taking that part off of my plate.

So if I was an agent or I met an agent who came to the first session was thinking whether or not they should continue, you know, what’s in it for them to spend another three weeks, I guess I would just basically ask them, are they really satisfied with where they’re at in their life and in their business? And do they really have a comprehensive step-by-step picture of how to have the right things in mind, how to have the skills in place and the tools to build your skills and more than at least from my own perspective, really having a picture of the final destination. And if you aren’t already there and the desk, you know, you to consider why you’re not. And if you’re not sure if you have the personal resources, the tools, the knowledge, the experience, why not benefit from someone who’s been through it, not only personally, but helped other agents through all those steps and has demonstrated success, can accelerate your own process, keep you out of the weeds and just get you where you want to be.

I’m just really grateful. I was able to be here honestly, you know I don’t think it’s possible when you start, you come to the first session, it’s just not possible to understand where you’re going to be a session for you. You just don’t have the mental framework. You haven’t worked through the steps. And, and for me as I say, I, I’d never really grasp, you know, how I can include these details of team-building and, and how you could tie piece together. So rather than surround myself and, and try to figure it out again, why not benefit from somebody who’s already been through it time and time and time again, and then faced every scenario, heard every objection, faced every difficulty and just accelerate, you know, process, you know, stand on the shoulders of someone else who’s already been there.”

– Peter Park, Landmark Realty, Carrolton, TX

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