David Torgerson

“Hi, I’m David Torgerson. I’m a real estate broker and broker owner of Versant real estate group in Helena, Montana, and I aligned with ICON coaching in 2019. So, 2018 was a really, really great year for me, and 2019 was even better. After I aligned with them in 2020 it was off the charts. I owe ICON coaching great debt of gratitude for getting my life back. Now, I, actually spend time doing the things that I want to do. I take more time away from the business, and my income has consistently gone up. Month over month, quarter over quarter year, over year – and 2021 is on-track to be the best year ever once again. I owe a lot to what I’ve learned at ICON coaching and the things that I’ve implemented in my business, and I would highly recommend to anybody to check it out. Their coaching works.”

– David Torgerson, Versant Real Estate Group, Helena, MT