August 12, 2021

Ricky Nystrom

“My biggest aha is realizing that my 'Big Why' is achievable. So for me, I'm really passionate about building a team, and even though I'm not stretched thin, my biggest passion is being able develop some of those people.”

“So for me with the program, this is the first real estate training program that I took that I’ve taken and really the biggest takeaway for me, and some of the things that I’ve learned is it’s not just about real estate. There’s a lot that goes into it with your mindset. There’s a lot of limiting beliefs for entrepreneurs and, and really this helped me get through some of those blocks.

My biggest aha is realizing that my “Big Why” is achievable. So for me, I’m really passionate about building a team and I haven’t had as much success as a solo agent that I might have wanted where, you know, I don’t need to bring on a buyer’s agent right now. I don’t need to bring on a transaction coordinator right now, but in order for me to build the team, those are some of the steps that I need to take, and even though I’m not stretched thin as a solo agent my, my biggest passion is being able to bring and develop and train some of those people.

Honestly it’s well worth the investment. I mean, we’re taking it right now where it’s, it’s December, you know, this is, this is holiday season, I’ve got a ten-year-old son, you know, I’m, I’m telling my car payment, Hey, I’m going to be late on my car payment because I need to invest in myself. I’m well worth the investment, and it’s, it’s going to pay dividends, not just within this eight week course or not just within this course, but it’s going to be beyond it in, throughout your whole career, as far as you want to take it.”

– Ricky Nystrom, eXp Realty, San Ramon, CA

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