August 19, 2021

Dallas Seely

“Look at Mark Spain, the #1 real estate team in the world, or Chris Watters, the #1 team here in Austin - Shon was their coach. You don't have to reinvent the wheel - when a model shows proven results, go with it.”

“I’m a firm believer in modeling and I knew CEOs and business owners around the country that were already a step or two ahead of where our business was at when we started to search for the right fit. It was very surprising to learn that 98% of them had either started off with Shon or are still with Shon to this day. So, since all signs were pointing to the same north star, it was the easy decision to make.”

“When we started with Shon, it was really just my wife, myself and our executive assistant at the beginning of last year in 2020. We a pretty impressive year with Shon’s coaching and finished off right around the $50 million mark for the year. With that being said, we were ramping up for explosive growth, and today we have a team of 18. We have a back of house staff of two executive assistants, and we’re at $70 million, and we’re on-track to hit our goal of doing over a hundred. Shon has been instrumental for the ramp up into explosive growth.”

“Coaching is important for long-term vision and discussing what pivots and evolutions need to happen as you continue to exponentially grow. It’s a different organization when there’s just a couple of agents doing $30 to $50 million versus a team of 18 doing over a hundred, right? In 2022, our goal is going to be $200 million – to achieve that, what kind of conversations need to be happening today? What kind of planning in reverse engineering and runways do we need to create that explosive growth for tomorrow? It has been very evident from day one is this is not Shon’s first rodeo.”

“I would say 99% of coaches and training programs in this industry are for the producer – how to become an incredible producer and reach your fullest potential in that realm. Shon is obviously world-class in that and a big part of icon coaching is for that specific focus, but what I was looking for was for a coach that can help me create a runway to build an organization that isn’t just impactful to my wife and myself, but to really to challenge what is possible.”

“When you look at the #1 real estate team in the world right now, Mark Spain out of Georgia, Shon was his coach? When you look at the #1 largest team in the world for Keller Williams, the Loken Group out of Houston, Shon was their coach? Here in Austin, when you look at the currently number one producing team with Chris Waters, Shon was his coach. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If there’s a model that continues to show proven results, just go with that model. It’s a simple decision.”

“I mean, you can go to our website and click on the “Meet The Team” link, there’s six or seven agent testimonials from agents with zero experience before joining us. We’ve got a business partner that’s done $5 million in their first four months on the team. We’ve got another business partner, that’s over $3 million in their first three months, and another that’s done over $10 million in the first half of this year and will probably win rookie of the year for Texas.”

“Yes, our company provides a lot of benefits and value-adds that helps to produce those kinds of numbers, but for fundamental parts of this business we partner with Shon on for our coaching and training. You know, if you’re on the fence, the proof is in the pudding. I mean, our new agents are crushing it, and that’s partly from working with Shon on a weekly basis through his coaching programs.”

– Dallas Seely, Compass Real Estate, Dallas, Texas

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