Kevin Yoder

“Hi, my name is Kevin Yoder. I run a team out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Yoder real estate, and what ICON Producers have really helped me with is polishing up my sales skills, so that I can bring the best scripts and dialogues to my team. Most recently, on a, on a training call, we picked up some new for sale by owner scripts, and we applied them immediately and we started getting immediate results. So what I want to share with you today is that it’s about going back to the basics and polishing up our sales skills while adding new subtle nuances. We’re all salespeople, and our ability to influence others to take action in their best interest, such as a for sale by owner, is based on how well we can execute on these scripts. So thank you, ICON coaching for bringing these newer scripts to my awareness so that I can teach my team to execute those on a daily basis. And That’s what I’m most appreciative of. So thank you.”

– Kevin Yoder, CEO & lead agent, Yoder Real Estate in Grand Rapids, MI