Incoming Calls: Position Yourself

So in this lesson, we're going to talk about how to position yourself to possess something that the prospect wants to effectively position yourself.

Incoming Calls: Additional Transition Strategies

In this module, I want to introduce you to more transition strategies that you can leverage when fielding incoming calls to provide you with effective transition strategies.

Follow-Up Calls: The Most Effective Strategy

In this lesson, we're going to talk through the most effective followup strategy. Now, gang, I have split tested this to the moon and back and trust me, the script I'm about to share with you is by…

Buyer Objection: I Have A Friend / Family REALTOR®

All right in this lesson, we're going to talk through the objection, "I have a friend or a family member who's a real estate agent."

Buyer Objection: Let Me Talk With My Spouse

In this lesson, we're going to talk through a simple strategy to overcome a very common buyer objection, which is, "let me talk with my spouse and then I'll call you back".

Buyer Objection: Can You Just Meet Me At The Property?

In this lesson, we're going to talk through an objection that for some realtors doesn't seem like an objection at first - when the prospect asks you to meet them at the house instead of your office.

Buyer Objection: Just Email Me The Listings

In this lesson, we're going to talk through another very common objection that you're going to hear, and you're going to hear this after you've attempted to close that prospect for an in-office…

Buyer Objection: I Only Work With The Listing Agent

In this lesson, we're going to talk through the objection, "I only work with the listing agent." Here's what I encourage you to say:

Buyer Objection: I Know I Can Qualify

In this lesson, we're going to talk through that buyer who's very confident in their ability to qualify financially for a mortgage.

Closing Technique: ABCs of Selling

I trust that you've practiced our incoming calls scripts. Now, it's time to get into a little more advanced methodology.

Closing Technique: ABC First Time Buyer

In this lesson, I'm going to talk you through an action, benefit, commitment script for first time home buyers. You outline the action, follow it up with the benefit, and then go for the commitment.

Closing Technique: Investor Sales

Let me share with you a simple technique on how to convert investor incoming call prospects to clients, and once again it uses action, benefit, and commitment.

Closing Technique: Alternative Choice

So we're going to talk through a very simple strategy called alternative choice. Most real estate agents, and trust me, I've called my competition to hear what they say and how they say it.

Closing Technique: ABC Lender Permission

We're going to talk through how to get permission from your buyer for your lender to contact that buyer prospect. And we're going to leverage the ABC methodology to make that happen.

Closing Technique: ABC Downsizing

We're going to talk through the ABC technique when working with a downsizing buyer, like someone whose child has gone off to college.