May 8, 2021

Buyer Objection: Can You Just Meet Me At The Property?

In this lesson, we're going to talk through an objection that for some realtors doesn't seem like an objection at first - when the prospect asks you to meet them at the house instead of your office.

I want you to just buy in that your goal is to get this buyer prospect, to set an appointment, to come to your office. So this objection we’re going to talk through is when the buyer says, well, Kim, can you just meet me at the house? Now let’s agree that if you just meet him at the house, well, then their energy, their focus, their attention is going to be on that house. Or if you meet them at a coffee, shop their energy, their attention, their focus is going to be on the coffee, as well as the people in the coffee shop and not on you. Now, when you set an appointment for them to come to your office, their energy and attention must be focused on you and your process.

This allows you to take them through an initial counseling session to educate them on what’s going on in the market to set the appropriate expectations and get the buyer agency signed every time. So when they say, can you just meet me at the office? Here’s what I’d encourage you to say. Well, as a professional full-time real estate agent in our market area, I study the numbers. And let me tell you what I’ve found. See the chances of you actually buying the home that I would just run out the door and meet you at well, it’s less than 1%.

Now, what I’d encourage you to do is simply set an appointment to come to my office. I’ll be able to pull up all of the listings that match your unique criteria. And then in one, showing we could go out and look at five or six properties all at the same time. Now this process it’s critical because it educates me on exactly what you’re looking for. See, I get to see over 200 homes per month. I know the market better than anybody. And once you transfer that knowledge to me, meaning when I get that picture in my mind of exactly what you’re looking for would be able to take you right to it. And you do want to see the best homes first don’t you perfect. So when is the best time for us to get together as that weekdays or weekends?

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