May 9, 2021

Incoming Calls: Additional Transition Strategies

In this module, I want to introduce you to more transition strategies that you can leverage when fielding incoming calls to provide you with effective transition strategies.

So that buyer prospect calls in and says, how much is it? You say, Oh, you must be another one of the neighbors. The prospect says I don’t know. Oh, so you’re in the market to buy a home. As I looked that property up, tell me what price range do you feel comfortable with?

Again, guys, get the price that they’re looking for before you divulge that information and your chances of converting the lead will increase exponentially. Here’s a second transition strategy. When they call in and say, how much is it you say, Oh, that’s fantastic. You’re looking to buy just one home. They say yes, but real quick, because I looked that property up. Tell me what price range do you feel comfortable with? Again, a transition strategy. It’s a pattern interrupt. It’s a break state. It pulls them off of their agenda and onto yours. So practice these two additional transition strategies and you’ll increase your conversion rate.

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