May 8, 2021

Buyer Objection: I Only Work With The Listing Agent

In this lesson, we're going to talk through the objection, "I only work with the listing agent." Here's what I encourage you to say:

I understand, and tell me, is it because you hope to save a little bit of money on the commission? Is that the reason why now chances are this buyer’s pretty savvy and yes, they may have heard from somebody. If you go directly to the listing agent, the listing agent is going to credit some of their commission back. So here’s what I want you to say. I understand where you’re coming from and I think it’s pretty savvy of you yet at the same time. Can I just share with you why that terrifies me? See, the reason it terrifies me is because if you go directly to the listing agent, let’s, let’s agree that the listing agent first represents the seller and the listing agent and the seller got together and they determined the price.

They were going to offer this property for sale. Would you agree? So since they’ve determined the price, if you go directly to the listing agent and you say, I want to buy this house, do you think that listing agent is going to pull the comparable sales that justify a lower price or a higher price? Now your buyer is probably going to open their eyes to the possibility that they might be looking at an overpriced listing. So I want you to bring it home by saying so if that listing is 5% over fair market value, and the listing agent is only pulling cons to justify that higher price. And let’s say you got a 1% rebate. Yet you bought a property that is 5% overpriced. How much money did you actually save? I’m a bulldog when it comes to negotiating on your behalf. Now the average list price to sales price ratio is 99.2%. And our market area, my averages are 98.1%. So I’m saving you on average nine tenths of a point more than what the average agent is selling their clients. Plus I’m going to pull the comparable sales that justify a lower price so that you don’t overpay for a property. So when is the best time for us to get together, I’d like to share with you some negotiating strategies to make certain that you get the best deal on the home that you purchased. Is it weekdays or weekends?

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