May 9, 2021

Follow-Up Calls: The Most Effective Strategy

In this lesson, we're going to talk through the most effective followup strategy. Now, gang, I have split tested this to the moon and back and trust me, the script I'm about to share with you is by far the highest conversion lead follow-up script that I've ever discovered.

Now, guys, I’ve studied the numbers. Now let’s agree. And I’ve recognized that the chances of that buyer prospect actually contracting the property that they originally contacted you about. Well, it’s less than 1%. So if they originally contacted you about one 23 main street and you called them back about one, two, three main street, I believe that the chances you have of actually earning their business and selling them a home well, it’s less than 1%. So rather than calling them back about one property, let’s call them back about every property. And here’s what I mean, rather than saying you called me about one 23 main street.

Did you get all the information you were after? What does the prospect say? They say, well, yes I did. Thank you very much. And they want to get off the phone with you as quickly as possible. So rather say it like this. Hi, this is Sean Coco with XYZ Realty. I’m just calling to update my files to see if you’re still in the market to buy a home or find out if you’ve already purchased something. Now only two answers to that question, gang. If the answer is no, we’ll be grateful. You don’t have to follow up with this prospect any longer. Just put them on a long-term drip campaign and contact them once a quarter. Now, if the answer is yes, on the other hand, then I want you to just assume that they want information from you. Don’t ask them. Would you like information now?

Because they could say no, just assume they’ve said yes. So give them a great affirmation, like fantastic. So tell me what part of town are you most interested in? How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, how many car garage, what price point are you comfortable with? In essence, what I want you to do is position yourself to possess something that the prospect wants. So let’s say, I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I’ve logged into the multiple listing service platform. I’m inputting the criteria. And so far it looks like we’ve got 15 listings that match your specific criteria. So tell me what type of lot size are you after? Is there a particular school district? Okay. That brings us down to seven listings that match your unique criteria. So you positioned yourself to possess something they want. Now it’s a lot easier to set an appointment. Now it’s time to close.

So fortunately, in order to get your one step closer to achieving your goal of home ownership, all we need to do now is simply set an appointment for you to come to the office. I’m going to download all of these listings, the pictures, the virtual tours. You can view them onscreen in my office before you spend your time or spend your money on gas to drive by it. Plus, I’m going to share with you several negotiating strategies. That’ll help you get the best deal on the home that you purchased. So tell me when’s the best time for us to get together? Is it weekdays or weekends?

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