May 9, 2021

Incoming Calls: Position Yourself

So in this lesson, we're going to talk about how to position yourself to possess something that the prospect wants to effectively position yourself.

So, you’ve taken them through the first five seconds. You’ve determined. What is the price range the prospect is looking for before sharing the information on the property that they’ve contacted you about. So once you’ve determined the price point, then say, tell me how many bedrooms would you like to have in your new home? And they’ll tell you how many bedrooms and you say, well, perfect. I’m logging into the multiple listing service computer right now. And ultimately I’ll be able to download all of the listings that match your unique criteria. And in a matter of moments, I’ll tell you how many of them there are. So tell me how many bathrooms did you like to have? I want you to hear how I said that it wasn’t.

Would you like for me to do this? Because the prospect ultimately can say no, rather it’s so tell me how many bathrooms would you like to have? So tell me work so much more effectively than would you like in fact, or encourage you to eliminate, would you like from your vocabulary now, once you’ve collected the criteria you click, how many listings are available and you say Mr. Prospect, I’ve got great news. There’s seven listings that match your unique criteria. So I’ll tell you what let’s do. Let’s simply set an appointment for you to come to the office. I’m going to download these listings, the color photos, the virtual tours. You can view them onscreen in my office before spending your time to drive by or waste your money on guests. For that matter. I’ll also share with you. Some negotiating strategies will help you get the home that you’d like to buy it the best price possible. So tell me, when is the best time for us to get together? Is it weekdays or weekends?

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