May 8, 2021

Buyer Objection: I Have A Friend / Family REALTOR®

All right in this lesson, we're going to talk through the objection, "I have a friend or a family member who's a real estate agent."

Now this generally comes up after you’ve asked the question, are you working with a realtor? I’m getting encouraged you to ask that question a little bit differently because I want to improve your results. So rather than saying, are you working with a realtor? I would say, I assume that because you contacted me you directly, that you’re not currently obligated to purchasing your home through another agent, is that right? So just a different spin on that yet. It’s more effective. So then they say live a friend, or I have a family, the member who’s in the business and I intend to purchase through them. And you say, buy, certainly understand that. I mean, from my perspective, I would love it. If my friends and family members, while they bought through me or sold through me every single time yet, let me ask.

Is there ever been a time in your life when you lent a friend or a family member money and it didn’t turn out so well. And what may I share with you that this time? Well, it’s just like that time. See if somebody, if you were to go wrong, I mean, heaven forbid something goes wrong in the real estate transaction. Let me ask how comfortable would you be initiating a lawsuit against your friend or family member? Probably not very comfortable. So you’d rather I assuming that you would like to buy through them because you want them to make money. Is that right? So let me tell you what I’m willing to do. I’d be happy to pay your friend or family member, a 25% referral fee. And all they have to do is sign their name on a referral agreement. So that frees them up to work with other buyers and other sellers. They can actually increase their income. So tell me, when is the best time for us to get together? Is it weekdays or weekends?

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