May 8, 2021

Closing Technique: Alternative Choice

So we're going to talk through a very simple strategy called alternative choice. Most real estate agents, and trust me, I've called my competition to hear what they say and how they say it.

I’ll tell you most of them, well, they’re just order takers. And if they do attempt to close for an appointment, here’s what generally happens. They ask a question like, would you like to get together? Well, to me, that’s not very powerful. And it does not demonstrate confidence in any way, shape or form plus it’s a yes or no question. So if you say, would you like to get together? Chances are the prospects are going to say no. I would encourage you to leverage a simple strategy, a technique called alternative choice.

So tell me when’s the best time for us to get together. Is it weekdays or weekends? Start with a broad funnel as wide as you possibly can. I mean, weekdays or weekends, that pretty much covers 24 seven. Does it not? They say weekends perfect Saturday or Sunday, which is best for you. Now let’s just say that you’ve got a soccer game that you want to go to for your child. And it happens to be at noon on Saturday. It’s all, it’s almost like the prospect instinctively somehow knows this don’t they? So you say weekdays or weekends and they say, weekends, you say perfect Saturday or Sunday. What do they say Saturday now? Because you know, you’ve got this very important game that you want to be too. You can leverage alternative choice to protect your timing. You say, perfect. I can meet you at 9:00 AM or with three o’clock in the afternoon and be better when you leverage this simple alternative choice, strategy can take control of your time. And it’s really challenging for the prospect to say no.

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