May 8, 2021

Closing Technique: ABC Lender Permission

We're going to talk through how to get permission from your buyer for your lender to contact that buyer prospect. And we're going to leverage the ABC methodology to make that happen.

So you’ve got your buyer on the phone and it’s time to get them qualified financially. So let’s start with the question. Are you paying cash or obtaining financing? They say, well, I’ll need financing for fantastic. Have you been pre-approved through a lender yet? Do you have a letter stating that you have well, no, we haven’t. Well, fantastic. Well, I consider it my job to help you, by connecting you with the lender, that’s going to save you money throughout the mortgage process. What I’d like to do is simply have my lender, give you a call. That’s our action. Now we’re going to follow up with a benefit.

So I’m going to have my lender, give you a call. Now this lender in particular has consistently beat out other lenders in terms of closing costs, as well as interest rates. And let’s face it even an 8% difference in interest rate adds up to tens of thousands of dollars over a 30 year mortgage. So they’re going to fill out the 10 Oh three, pull your credit report, and they’re going to tell you exactly what your payment’s going to look like. So tell me when’s the best time for the lender to give you a call? Is it weekdays weekends or in the next 15 minutes?

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