4 Step Formula To Overcoming Objections

Here’s an effective strategy that will undoubtedly help you improve your career trajectory as well as your personal income. Now, this is the four step formula to handling objections, and it’s really quite simple:

4 Steps To Overcoming Objections:

  1. Acknowledgement: When you hear an objection, whether it be from a buyer or seller, the first thing you want to do is merely acknowledge the objection. So they say, well, I want a lower commission. Maybe it’s a question. So you’d like a lower commission. So it’s an acknowledgement. See, seek first to understand then to be understood.
  2. Isolate The Objection: Second, what I want you to do is isolate the objection. Meaning other than just getting a lower commission, is there any other reason you wouldn’t do business with me today?
  3. Handle The Objection: The third is to handle the objection and there’s many strategies. We can teach you here at ICON Coaching on how to handle that particular objection.
  4. Ask For The Sale: Probably the most important step in the process is once again, ask for the sale.

I trust that this little tip is going to help you improve your career’s trajectory and your personal income. And until next time be on purpose, be productive and be.