May 8, 2021

Buyer Objection: Let Me Talk With My Spouse

In this lesson, we're going to talk through a simple strategy to overcome a very common buyer objection, which is, "let me talk with my spouse and then I'll call you back".

Now, you know as well as I know that if you let them off the phone, the chances of them actually picking up the phone and calling you back. Well, it’s slim to none. So rather you’ve got one shot at this. I’m going to encourage you to take it. And let’s think first about the psychology of what’s really going on here. See that, that buyer prospect that’s on the phone with you while they’re playing good guy, bad guy. See, they’re the good guy. It’s their spouse. Well, they’re the bad guy. So here’s what I’d encourage you to do. The buyer says, but let me talk with my wife and I’ll call you back.

You say, well, I certainly understand that Mr. Prospect. Tell me if it’s okay with your wife to meet with me. Is it okay with you now? Think through that. See they’re the good guys. So what are they always going to say? They’re always going to say yes, you say, Oh, that’s perfect. So I’ll tell you what let’s do. Let’s simply pencil in a time that you think is going to work for your wife. I’ll call you the day before to confirm it. If it works fantastic, if not, we’ll just simply reschedule the appointment. So tell me, when do you think is going to work well for your wife and we’re good and pencil it in right now. So weekdays or weekends.

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