May 8, 2021

Closing Technique: ABCs of Selling

I trust that you've practiced our incoming calls scripts. Now, it's time to get into a little more advanced methodology.

We’re going to get into what I call the ABCs of selling. Now I love the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. I watch it at least once per year, but always be closing, right? That’s a little bit cheesy. Let’s agree, rather than new ABCs of selling our action benefit commitment. So you as a salesperson, you’re going to outline an action. What do you want the prospect to do? You’ll immediately follow up that action with a benefit. So anytime you ask your prospect to do something, anything, whether it’s set an appointment or give me your email address. Well, there’s a question that appears within the mind of that prospect. In essence, that question is what’s in it for me, or why should I do that?

So after we outline an action, like set an appointment to come to my office, we immediately follow up with a benefit. In essence, we answer the question by saying, here’s, what’s in it for you. And after we’ve outlined and articulated that the benefit, then, then, and only then should we go to the commitment, which is the close. So I love alternative choice. Do weekends or weekdays work best for you, make your funnel as broad as you possibly can. So I’ll share an example. Fortunately, in order to get you one step closer to achieving your goals, all we need to do now is simply set an appointment for you to come to the office. I’m going to download all the color photos, the virtual tours, to the properties that match your unique criteria. You can view them onscreen in my office before spending your time to drive by them or your money on gas for that matter to drive by them. Plus, I’m going to share, share with you several negotiating strategies that will help you get the best price on home that you purchased. So tell me, when’s the best time for us to get together? Is it weekdays or weekends? So action. First, follow it with a benefit and then go for the commitment. I trust you’ll implement this immediately and improve your conversion rate.

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