Shon Kokoszka: Grow With Accelerated Breakthrough

Your business, your production, your bank account - frankly, guys, it's going to grow to the extent that you personally grow. So are you ready to grow? Are you ready to stretch your mind?

Gene Frederick: Boost Your Production With Accelerated Breakthrough

This 16 week program gives you four full months of coaching and training that is designed specifically to double, triple, even quadruple your production in real estate sales - all for the remarkable…

Brent Gove: Accelerated Breakthrough Boosts Production & Retention

“We talked about retention – I plug people into this 16 week production class all the time. $350 for 16 weeks of nurturing that I don't have to do so I can go golfing tomorrow morning?……

Put Attraction in Action & Crush It With Revshare

You've heard about the large revenue share earners within our organization - and I can tell you there's a secret sauce. There's a recipe on how to build that residual passive income, or what I love…

eXp Realty – Is It Too Good To Be True?

Is eXp Realty's virtual brokerage model really be as good as agents say, or is this all just recruiting hype to attract new agents?

How To Leverage Facebook Groups

Nearly 2 billion people use Facebook Groups - in this exclusive webinar, you'll learn the exact techniques to leverage Facebook Groups & improve your production!

Build A Team & Avoid Costly Mistakes!

You don't have to be a team owner or leader to attend - if you've ever thought about growing & scaling your business, this event is for you!

How To Sell $1m In 90 Days With Facebook Ads

Learn the most effective techniques for selling real estate on Facebook. New IOS-14 changes mean new real estate challenges, so you do not want to miss this call!

How To Protect Your Commissions

Under pressure from sellers & discount brokers to cut your commission? Learn how to easily avoid conflict & save your commission!

How To Take Listings – Right Now!

No inventory? No problem! If you're stressed about keeping your listing pipeline full in today's low-inventory market conditions, this webinar is for you.