September 16, 2021

Shon Kokoszka: Grow With Accelerated Breakthrough

Your business, your production, your bank account - frankly, guys, it's going to grow to the extent that you personally grow. So are you ready to grow? Are you ready to stretch your mind?

Grow with our remarkable Accelerated Breakthrough coaching program for a small fraction of the cost of traditional coaching!

Hi, I’m Shon Kokoszka, founder of ICON Coaching and training and the author of the Accelerated Breakthrough program. Gang, I am so fired up to be able to share the details of this program with each and every one of you get this it’s four months coaching and training, the low, low investment of just $350.

I just want you to know that the Accelerated Breakthrough program is for all agents in all brokerages. It’s for brand new agents along with 35 year seasoned veterans. Each one of you is going to gain something through this training program that will help you double, triple, or even quadruple your production. Let me ask, are you ready to have the most profitable year of your lifetime?

Your business, your production, your bank account – frankly, guys, it’s going to grow to the extent that you personally grow. So are you ready to grow? Are you ready to stretch your mind? Well good, because once the mind is stretched, it never goes back to its original form, and since you’re ready to improve your knowledge, your skills, your mindset, and your habits, our system is your solution. The program, again, is called Accelerated Breakthrough.

Accelerate Breakthrough is the most cutting-edge coaching and training program available today at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching programs.

Now, Shon, I know you started with a mission, and that mission is to coach and train 10,000 agents this year and at least double, triple, or even quadruple their production and profit over the next 12 months.

Accelerated Breakthrough includes 16 weeks of training and coaching conducted live on Zoom meetings. That’s one hour per week of live training and coaching with weekly workbooks and assignments between sessions to get you the traction and income that you want and deserve.

Each of the 16 sessions is recorded, so even if you miss one, no worries. We’re going to send you a replay link so you can get caught up at your own pace. Click on the link below, take a look at the entire program curriculum, frankly, this knowledge is essential for any REALTOR®. That’s seeking to take their production to an extraordinary level.

Just go ahead and register right now. I’ll include my famous 20-point buyer presentation. Now this is the system that I use to close over a hundred buyer-side transactions per year with several $100,000 commission months.

In addition to that, Shon is also going to include the listing presentation, which is valued at $199. In Shon’s last year of production. He and his team went out on 162 listing presentations and came back with 160 signed listing agreements. That’s powerful. That’s what this presentation can help you do.

You’re also going to get unrestricted access to the ICON Coaching library of content. Now there’s hundreds of scripts, dialogues, objection, handlers, videos, models, systems, and job description to help you build your team right at your fingertips.

Finally, Shon has to include a do it yourself Facebook ad training program called Modern Agent Lab that was developed in coordination with brand-wise from real estate marketing university. We will show you click-by-click and step-by-step how to build a lead generation machine using Facebook and other social media channels.

So again, that’s $1,396 in additional value. Plus 16 weeks of coaching and training at the incredibly low investment of just $350. Now that’s if you choose to pay in one payment, we’ll also break it up over payment plan for you, meaning you could invest $100 per month for four months in a row, and frankly, anybody can afford that.

Once you make the decision to engage in the accelerated breakthrough program will almost magically increase your production and profit. So gang, click that link below, let us help you improve your knowledge, your skills, your mindset, and your habits. Let us do that. We’re going to double, triple, essentially, quadruple and your production.

Remember let us help you with that knowledge, that skill and hold you accountable week by week to the implementation and deployment of these new strategies and tactics that undoubtedly improve your production and your bank account balance. I look forward to seeing you all on an accelerated breakthrough zoom meeting very, very soon.

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