September 15, 2021

Gene Frederick: Boost Your Production With Accelerated Breakthrough

This 16 week program gives you four full months of coaching and training that is designed specifically to double, triple, even quadruple your production in real estate sales - all for the remarkable low price of $350!

Looking to boost your real estate production? Our remarkable Accelerated Breakthrough coaching program is designed to help you rapidly increase your leads, listings & sales volume!

“Hi, everyone. I wanted to bring you just exciting news. I want to introduce you to Shon Kokoszka. As you know, Shon was the President of KW MAPS for a long, long time. A dear, good friend. Let me tell you about Shon – when he gets a program to work and for all of us agents, I want you guys to hear about it. So Shon, tell him a little bit about it to start off with.”

The program is called Accelerated Breakthrough. It’s 16 weeks – that’s four months of coaching and training that is designed specifically to double, triple, even quadruple your production in real estate sales. We’re going to cover the whole gamut from lead conversion conversations to the 10 most common buyer presentation objections. We’re going to go through the buyer presentation. You’re going to get my 20 point buyer presentation that I use to close over a hundred buyer side transactions per year, and you’re going to get my listing presentation that enabled us to go on 162 listing appointments or last year in production and take 160 of those listings.

You’re going to learn NLP language patterns. You’re going to learn buyer closing techniques. You’re going to cover the whole gambit of real estate sales. So, if you’re a new agent or if you’re an experienced agent, I promise you you’re going to gain real pearls of wisdom that will help you double, triple, even quadruple your production. Now, Gene, here’s the best part. I’m gonna throw in $1,500 with add-on products. That includes a Facebook ad training program and full access to my entire library of content that I’ve spent the last 30 years developing. I’m going to give you my 20 point buyer presentation and my listing presentation. Here’s the best part – it’s just $350. That’s it. I wanted to make the most inexpensive training program available to realtor real estate agents today that would have the most profound impact.

“Well, here’s what my thoughts are. Every time I tell somebody we’re virtual, they go, ‘where’s the training? Guys, when you’re trying to attract another agent or recruit another agent, here’s what I would do. I would say, let’s go take this program together. It’s only $350 for 16 weeks – you’ve gotta be kidding me! So, I would use it as an attraction tool. That’s what I’m thinking, that I’m going to use it as an attraction tool.”

Additionally, you know, if you don’t want to do the $350 up front, we’ve got a payment plan. It’s a hundred dollars per month for four months in a row. My input – save the $50 pay the $350 up front. It’s every week, guys, it’s done live on Zoom meetings. The day before the session, you’re going to receive a workbook prior to the launch. You’re going to receive this three ring binder. You’re going to print your workbook three hole punch it, click it, and clip it into your binder. Okay? Now the session duration is one hour. Every single week you’ll have assignments between sessions. That’s why the program works. You’re going to be given assignments between sessions to make sure that the curriculum in the program becomes really sticky sothat you actually get into action and implement the strategies and tactics that you’re going to learn to at least double your production. That’s my expectation of you all.

“You know, my sister just joined eXp two years ago as a brand new agent. I’m putting her in this program immediately and she’s doing really well, but you know, just to go from one million to 2 million a year, go 2 million to 4 million a year, 4 million to 8 million a year. Every everybody needs one hour a week. But the accountability part, Shon, that’s the key that people don’t know. They’ve got assignments. They’ve gotta do the work.”

That’s exactly right. So guys, the full curriculum is on the link below. Just go ahead and click to find out more information. You’re going to see all 16 sessions. What we’re going to talk about, what you’re going to learn, let us improve your, your, your knowledge, your skills, your mindset, and your habits – and most importantly, it will help you apply leverage to your business model so that you can truly double your production in real estate sales.

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