May 9, 2021

The Psychology Of Selling

I just wanted to share a simple strategy with you that I call the psychology of selling. Now the challenge with most salespeople is that they approach a prospect who by the way, is in a positive present mindset, which means if the prospect keeps doing what they've always done, well, they're going to get to this positive future. Am I right?

So they approach this prospect who’s in a positive present mindset. They say, well, wait a minute, you engage me. And guess what you’re going to, you’re going to have so much, a much better or a positive future. So that’s not how changes facilitate it. That’s not how a sale is made at least from a psychological standpoint.

So, rather recognizing that the prospect is in a positive present mindset. We think about it a for sale by owner selling the home on their own. If they keep doing what they’re doing, they’re going to get the result that they desire. So rather than attempting to move them to that positive future mindset, what we get to do is we move them to a negative present mindset by asking questions, like, tell me what’s the greatest challenge in selling the home yourself instead of engaging a real estate agent or maybe making statements like, do you realize that for sale by owners actually receive on average 17 per percent, less than those that actually list with a real estate agent.

So, we moved them to this negative present from the negative present. Then psychologically, we must move them to a negative future, meaning continue doing the same thing, expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, right? And once we’ve got them to that negative future mindset, well now finally, they’re open to a more positive future, which is engaging you to be the real estate agent and trust. Until we talk next time, I want you to be on purpose, be productive and be powerful.

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