May 9, 2021

Seller Objection: Being Direct About Condition

During this lesson, we're going to be talking through that uncomfortable feeling, almost that sick gut wrenching, feeling that realtors get when they go to list a property that's not in the best condition and you have to tell the seller they need to clean up their house.

I want you to ask them the question on a scale of one to 10, how honest and direct would you like me to be with you now? Chances are, they’re going to say 10. Say, could you share an example with me of when somebody was that honest or that direct with you and how did you respond to that? Excellent. With your permission, I’d like to speak frankly, about the condition of your home, because it’s my true intent to get you the most money I possibly can. And now I need your help though, in order to do that. And there’s several items within the home that we must address in order to get you top value.

Are you open to this conversation? May I be completely direct and candid during this time, before our relationship? Excellent. I choose to be completely direct and candid because I care about you. I care about your goals and I want to see you fulfill them. Is that okay? Now, once you’ve postured in such a way, you can be completely candid and very direct with the seller and they’re going to respect you for it. So guys, I just encourage you to fight away those feelings, get rid of the butterflies and have those candid conversations with your sellers.

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