April 23, 2021

How To Host a Successful Open House

Properly staging the house will show people just how utilized a space can be. If the house has an unsatisfying paint job or no real key features you can fill it with decor so that buyers can see the life they can put into the house. Even simple things like freshly baked cookies or some febreeze can help improve a space.

Set the stage.

It can be hard to picture the potential in a house. How often had you heard a potential buyer say something like, “I like this bedroom, but I don’t think our bed will fit in it.” or “We have a big family, will this dining room fit everyone?”

Be proactive.

You don’t want to be pushy or follow people around during an open house, but make sure you are available in a common area to address questions and concerns. Let people know they can contact you later if something comes up. It’s also important to acknowledge all members of a potential buying group . . . not just the person you assume will be signing the check. If there are kids ask them what they liked about the house, speak with any present adults about their thoughts and questions.

Ask your own questions.

“Any concerns about the house?” “What did you like about it?” Ask your own questions to gauge reactions to the home. If you hear a common concern keep popping up it might be something you can address or fix to help the house sale.


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