Geoffrey Adams

Geoffrey has been a market leading Realtor for 10 years by providing immediate and enduring value to his clientele through honesty, competence, and caring. These values in service have put Geoffrey in the top 1% of all agent for most of his 10 year career.

Prior to founding the Agent Collective, Geoffrey created and still directs two other highly successful real estate organizations. All Arizona REO is nationally recognized as one of the preeminent REO groups in the country and one of the few groups to still have REO inventory post recovery. Realty One Group Commercial was also established here in Arizona in 2014, also by Geoffrey.

What excites Geoffrey the most about Agent Collective is more than the other two, it holds promise to positively impact the most people, both Agents, and clients. If you are looking for new ways to create massive success in real estate please feel free to reach out to me, let’s make you a part of the industry shift occurring right now.