May 9, 2021

Expired Objection: Taking It Off The Market

In this lesson we're going to talk to about yet another common expired listing objection that you're going to hear - and I've got a great rebuttal for you.

The objection is we’ve decided to take it off the market. We’re no longer going to move. So I’d encourage you to say this. Well, let me ask if, uh, if an offer were presented to you tomorrow, would you still consider selling? If they say yes and you say, well fantastic. So there is still some desire to move. Tell me why is it that you had listed your home in the first place? You know, Mr. And Mrs. Expired listing, I specialize in homes that didn’t sell the first time around, you know, even the best homes sometimes don’t sell the first time around. It just takes a different approach, a different marketing strategy, like I use to get home sold.

So let me ask, why do you think your home didn’t sell now? You already know the answer to this. They’re going to blame the agent, the lack of the marketing and the number one thing that sellers are looking for when hiring an agent is a solid marketing plan. They listed their home for sale. They’ve had it on the market for six, eight, 12 months, and it hasn’t sold. And the reason that it hasn’t sold in the mind of the seller is that they age agent didn’t market it enough. So the follow-up question to this is, so what will you look for in the next agent you hire? And undoubtedly, you already know the answer. They’re looking for somebody with a solid marketing plan. We have that solution.

So now it’s time to go for the close. So let’s do this. I’ll stop by take a look at your home. I’ll show you some of my marketing materials and show you why so many sellers choose me to get their home sold. I’ll show you why we can get you top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible. So tell me when’s the best time we can get together is that weekdays or weekends.

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