Attraction in Action

The Attraction in Action group coaching program and weekly strategy call is a 4-week training program designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and training to grow your agent network. Learn how to attract agents, and get exclusive scripts & strategies to engage, nurture, and rapidly add them to your real estate network.

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Accelerated Breakthrough

The Accelerated Breakthrough group coaching program and weekly strategy call gives you access to the knowledge and expertise of billion dollar agent & former KW Maps President Shon Kokoszka. You’ll learn how to accelerate your business for a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching programs, and start down the path to being a top-producer.

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One on One Coaching

Our One on One coaching programs feature live, personal strategy calls with a trained, professional real estate coach who will walk you through creating a strategy to build the real estate business of your dreams. This program gives you the scripts, systems & strategies to achieve success in real estate along with the personal attention of a one on one coach.

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Elite Team Coaching

The Elite Team coaching program delivers the team-training & leadership skills you need along with the systems, structure & strategy required to achieve success with your real estate team. Your coach will work with both yourself and your team in weekly strategy calls and help you implement the right tools & systems in your business.

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“My biggest aha is realizing that my 'Big Why' is achievable. So for me, I'm really passionate about building a team, and even though I'm not stretched thin, my biggest passion is being able develop some of those people.”

Ricky Nystrom

“Shon has keen understanding of various key elements, and this is why I think he has so much influence. He understands everything from a solo agent level to somebody who wants to be a big producer and run the business efficiently.”

Kevin Cottrell