Attraction in Action LIVE

The Attraction in Action group coaching program and weekly strategy call is a 4-week training program designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and training to grow your agent network. Learn how to attract agents, and get exclusive scripts & strategies to engage, nurture, and rapidly add them to your real estate network.

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Accelerated Breakthrough LIVE

The Accelerated Breakthrough group coaching program and weekly strategy call gives you access to the knowledge and expertise of billion dollar agent & former KW Maps President Shon Kokoszka. You’ll learn how to accelerate your business for a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching programs, and start down the path to being a top-producer.

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Discovery Call 1-on-1 Consultation

Looking for a better brokerage? Schedule a 1-on-1 discovery session with Shon and learn how eXp Realty’s virtual real estate brokerage model is changing the industry!

“It helps you to structure your business in a way that models what you want to accomplish, and you can put your own personality and your own business into it, but also at the same time gives you structure and intentionality.”

M. Bryce Olson

“Thank you, ICON coaching for bringing these newer scripts to my awareness so that I can teach my team to execute those on a daily basis. That's what I'm most appreciative of, so thank you.”

Kevin Yoder