May 9, 2021

Seller Objection: Competitive Pricing

We're going to talk through a simple strategy that you can implement to make certain that you're taking listings that are priced to sell.

Now, the objection we’re going to be talking through another agent said they could get me more money for my house than what you’ve quoted. So here’s what I’d encourage you to say. You don’t Mr. And Mrs. Seller, I can appreciate that other agents haven’t studied the numbers and haven’t studied the market like I have. So I could go ahead and list your home at that price. Yeah. Can I share with you what terrifies me about that? See, a lot of agents they’ll take an overpriced listing because they just want the buyer calls that come from the sign. And what they ultimately do is they convince that buyer to purchase another property. So they have signs up all over the place in an effort to get buyer leads.

They don’t care about your goals at all. They care about making a mortgage payment, making their car payment. I, on the other hand, I care about you. I care about your goals and if I listed it, that Christ will then unfortunately, you’re not going to get as many showings as you deserve, and you’re not going to get the offers that you deserve. And ultimately we would have a conversation 30 days, 60 days, 90 days later about reducing your price. I would much rather see you list the property at a price that’s going to cause it itself. Give me an opportunity to get multiple buyers interested in purchasing your home. For example, this kitchen table that we’re sitting at, let’s say we listed this for sale on Craigslist and you had one buyer show up to purchase this table. And we were asking, Oh, I don’t know, $500 for it with just one buyer. The most amount of money you’re going to receive is $500. Now let’s just say we listed this for sale at $450. And we got six buyers show up all at the same time, all wanting to buy the table. Now what’s the maximum price we could get for it. Well, it’s certainly more than $450 because we’ve created a frenzy. So let’s do the right thing and price the home competitive.

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