May 9, 2021

FSBO Prospecting: Window Of Opportunity

In this lesson, we're going to talk through ways that you can open a window of opportunity with the for sale by owner by giving a problem presentation.

You see, a for sale by owner is not going to look for a solution to a problem unless they know a problem exists. So it’s up to us to present them with the problem. And here’s how we do that. Mr. And Mrs. For-Sale-By-Owner may I just ask, what is the single greatest advantage to use selling your home all on your own versus listing with a real estate agent? And do you know the answer it’s to save the commission yet? Follow up with this question may ask, what do you think the single greatest advantage to a buyer is to buy a for sale by owner instead of purchasing through a real estate agent, isn’t it to save the same commission that you hope to save.

So use that script. It opens the window of opportunity and lets doubt creep in. Then follow through with this Mr. For sale by owner, may I share the four different types of buyers with you real quick? See the first type of buyer. They’re the first-time home buyer. They’re nervous. They’re timid. They want to be handheld through this process. The second type. Well, we all love these types. They’re not motivated by your Caesar buyers, that their home just went under contract and they’ve got two days to find a home or they might lose the contract on the home that they’re hoping to sell, or maybe they’re a relocation buyer. They come in for the weekend and they’re just going to go, go, go, go, go with real estate agent until they find the home that they choose to purchase. And then the third type of their investors, the fourth type they’re looking to lose.

I mean, I don’t want them. You don’t want him, right? So let’s go back to the first site. The first time home buyer they’re timid, they’re anxious, they’re full of stress. They’re going to want somebody to hold their hand through the process. Let me ask. Do you think that they’re going to go out on their own and look at for sale by owners all on their own or are they going to hire a professional? Somebody who does this? Full-Time a licensed real estate agent, of course a real estate agent. Now let’s talk about the motivated buyers that have just a few days to find a home. Do you think they’re going to go on or Craigslist or drive through neighborhoods, looking for, for sale by owner signs or are they going to go to a real estate agent? Somebody who has access to all of the listings and can show them 30 or 40 in a weekend and narrow it down to the one they want to buy.

Now the third type investors. Now you may have had some of these calls. In fact, I’ve even attended investor seminars where, where they teach us how to call and prey upon for sale by owners. They’ll ask questions like this. What if I paid cash? How low would you go? Or what if I can close by the end of the month, would you accept this versus that now investors, do you think they’re going to call a real estate agent? Well, yeah, maybe yet. They’ll definitely Cray up on for sale by owners. And they’re going to offer you pennies on the dollar. Now the fourth type looky, loos. I don’t want them. You don’t want them. They can’t afford to buy a house yet. They love looking at homes and you think they’re going to call a real estate agent? Well, they may yet the real estate agent is going to attempt to qualify them and learn that they’re not really a serious buyer and push them away yet.

They’ll definitely call upon for sale by owners because they love looking at, and they’ll say things like, Oh, we really like your house. Oh yeah, I’ll call you back. And you never hear from them. It’s out of those four different types of buyers. The only ones that really call upon for sale by owners. Well they’re investors, which explains why the national association realtors, States that for sale by owners on average received 17% less. Then those that actually list with a real estate agent. What I’d love to do is just show you how I get home sold. And by the way, if what I say makes total and absolute sense, and you believe that you’ll net more money by doing business with me, would you be open to listing your home for sale with me.

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