March 9, 2021

5 Key Online Lead-Generation Channels

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Generating leads from diversified lead sources is a crucial part of increasing your bottom line. Use these 5 key lead generation strategies, you’ll be able to develop consistent sources of new online business. Let’s discuss a some crucial strategies that should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy to help grow your online revenue.

5 Key Online Lead-Generation Channels:

  1. Past Clients & Network Referrals: Referrals produce some of the hottest leads, which is why they are a key lead-generating source. Be sure to ask for a referral, after you’ve went above-and-beyond for a client. Make a habit of working through your database, checking-in on past clients and seeing if they have someone to refer – offer an incentive. Make time to attend networking events and network online, through social media. Stay connected to other business professionals that could feed you referrals.
  2. Social Media: Start building a presence on social media, ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, etc. Social media helps you stay in front of past clients, business partners and prospect new leads. Develop a social media posting calendar and stick to it. Routine posts are necessary to building a presence. Don’t ask for their business, rather build up your personal brand as a trusted and local educated real estate expert, direct them to your educational blog/website and the leads should start rolling in.
  3. Social Blogging: Sites like Medium,, and even LinkedIn offer the ability to post stories & articles that create new visitors for your website – and new leads for your pipeline. Social blogging is an up-and-coming form of lead-generation that leverages fresh content to create traffic. Always include links back to your site to capture leads.
  4. Online PPC Advertising: When it comes to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, there are options galore – but Google & Facebook Ads remain at the top of the list. Along with retargeting, these two platforms alone should be enough to give you a steady flow of traffic – the only downside being the cost, which can be quite high.
  5. Organic Search Leads: If you build it, they will come – at least in theory. With hard work and attention to the keywords on your website, a well planned organic SEO strategy will produce a reliable stream of free visitor traffic that you can convert into leads. This is the slowest method for generating leads, but ultimately the most reliable once its in place.

Using the 5 lead generation channels above you should be able to generate a steady, consistent flow of new leads throughout the year, no matter what market you serve. The advantage of diversification is that if seasonal or market changes affect one of your channels, the others will help minimize the disruption to your sales & marketing pipeline. If you need help optimizing your website and growing your business, schedule a free consultation now & learn now Agency Digital Marketing can help!

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