April 28, 2022

Jose Vilar

In this interview, you'll hear personal advice on overcoming a series of common agent objections to eXp Realty, and learn valuable insights on key benefits and advantages of the eXp Realty model.

In this video interview, you’ll hear responses to some of the common objections we’ve heard when attracting agents eXp Realty. Listen to how this agent responds to the list of common objections below:

• eXp is just another Multi-Level Marketing company.

• I’ve already investigated eXp and decided against it.

• I like my broker, I’m loyal to them, or I’m happy where I’m at.

• I changed brokerages and I don’t want to go through switching again.

• eXp has saturated the market, so it will be difficult to recruit agents because all the low hanging fruit has already been picked.

• The eXp brand doesn’t have the name recognition my current brand does, it may hurt my business.

In addition to these objection handlers, you’ll also hear this agent provide answer important questions on key aspects of their eXp experience, which helps to persuade other agents to consider the important benefits of the eXp Realty brokerage model:

• eXp Realty has been described as providing an “exit strategy” or “retirement plan” for real estate, can you tell me what that means in terms of getting off the real estate transactional treadmill?

• eXp Realty compensates agents in 8 different ways, with Transactional Income, Stock awards, a Direct Stock Purchase Program, iBuyer Sales & Referrals, Mortgage Company Dividends, Foreign Currency Exchange Commissions, and Revenue Sharing. What are your thoughts on that, and how does it compare to other brokerages?

• In terms of fees, eXp pays 80% to the agent and 20% to eXp with a $16,000 CAP. Is this a good split? How does it compare to other brokerages?

• eXp offers comprehensive & competitive options for medical, dental, vision, life, accident, critical illness, disability, and Medicare supplemental health insurance. What are your thoughts & experience on this, and how does this compare with other brokerages?

• eXp offers a variety of virtual coaching, training, and collaborative tools & programs. What can you tell me about these, and how does it compare to other brokerages?

• There are roughly 2 million agents in the USA, and the industry has 20% turnover. Coldwell Banker has 92,000 agents, KW has 184,000, and eXp just passed 78,000. Is it fair to say that the “low hanging fruit” has not all been picked, and there are lots of agent attraction opportunities out there to build revenue share?

• There’s a pretty amazing energy & enthusiasm for eXp Realty right now, and I’d like to close by asking if you can give me your 30-second “elevator pitch” for why agents need to join this organization.

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