March 10, 2021

How To Improve Landing Page Performance

Landing pages can be a great way to convert your online traffic into leads, and they’re an essential part of […]

Landing pages can be a great way to convert your online traffic into leads, and they’re an essential part of the marketing strategy for most businesses. Almost every commercial website will have some sort of landing page asking for site visitors’ contact information. In theory, landing pages are a great idea, and in addition to an opt-in form, you may consider a multi-faceted lead capture approach. Since it’s likely the person your landing page is visiting with intent, consider a pop-up asking for contact information, or perhaps a chat widget.

The truth is that most landing pages don’t convert very well. According to statistics by Google AdWords, an average of only 2.47% of landing pages actually convert. That number is extremely low. So how do you beat those odds?

  1. Keep It Simple: Don’t drive potential clients away with long descriptions and novel length fine print. Be straight forward with simple and relevant information. The more straight-to-the-point you are, the less likely your audience is to lose interest or feel overwhelmed. For your ease, and theirs, add straightforward options that will help you in narrowing down what they want and need.
  2. Look & Feel: Make sure your imagery is stunning and that it really “sells the sizzle” of your product or service. Make sure your photos have simple clean lines and are crisp and clear. Drawing people in with beautiful imagery is the first step to get them to fill out that landing page.
  3. Give them Options: You might want to consider different kinds of landing pages for different sections of your website. Have a unique landing page for each target audience, or each key product that you sell. This way the experience feels more personalized as opposed to just asking for contact information and that’s it. Through your landing pages, you have the power to make your audience feel like you truly care about their needs.
  4. Be Ever Present: Aside from your landing pages; find a way to ensure that your audience always has a place to input their contact information as they explore your website. A quick form opn the sidebar or bottom of every page could work.
  5. Make Sure You Have All the Elements: The must-haves for all your landing pages includes a bold-strong headline, the answer to a prevailing question, an amazing image, intent driven verbiage, a strong call-to-action, an optimized opt-in form, and mobile friendly content.
  6. Provide Value: Instead of always asking for contact information, you can offer something valuable in exchange for it. You can offer a free home valuation, marketing reports and even a “best restaurants in the neighborhood guide”. It all depends on what you feel you can give your audience that they will see as worthy to exchange their contact information for.

Don’t forget to review & refine your landing pages based on their performance. Many organizations split-test their landing pages to test consumer response to changes in verbiage & imagery. At the very least, though, you should track the performance of your landing pages and periodically review ways that you can make them perform better. If you need help optimizing your website and growing your business, schedule a free consultation now & learn now Agency Digital Marketing can help!

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