May 9, 2021

FSBO Prospecting: Get An Appointment (Script #2)

During this lesson, we're just going to walk through another simple intro that will get you an appointment with a for sale by owner.

Hi, this is Shon Kokoszka with XYZ Realty. Thank you for taking my call. I worked with many buyers in the area and the reason I’m calling is to just simply ask, once you sell your home on your own, where do you plan on moving? Just simply let them respond. They might say, well, why would you ask me that if they do you say well, because I worked with many buyers in their area, I’m always proactively looking for buyers for my seller. So I’m curious, once you sell your home, where do you plan on moving? So let’s assume that this for sale by owner is going to stay local. Maybe they’re selling a $250,000 home and they’re buying a $350,000 home. So they say we’re moving just a little bit further North.

They fantastic. Tell me how many bedrooms are you looking for? How many bathrooms are you looking for? I’ll tell you what I’m doing Mr. For sale by owner is I’m logging into our multiple listing service platform right now. And I’m going to input this criteria in a matter of moments, I’ll be able to tell you exactly how many homes are currently on the market that match your unique criteria. So tell me, are you looking for an older home or at a newer home? Is there any particular style of home that you’re after? How many car garage do you need? You click that, how many button? And it says you’ve got 11 listings that match this criteria and you say, I have great news, Mr. For sale by owner. There’s 11 listings that match your unique criteria. So I’ll tell you what let’s do. I’d like to simply set an appointment to come over. I’d like to bring these listings to you plus tour your property to see if it meets the needs of any of my buyers. So let me ask, do weekdays or weekends work best for you.

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